I just realized that Dragon v2 will do ocean splashdown with full tanks of hypergolic propellents for the abort system (assuming they don’t vent those at some point, which would be also bad)

@cinebox The ocean spplashdown thing feels very much like a compromise to keep NASA happy. The Russians have been landing on solid ground for 60 years now, I don't understand how water landings would improve the situation if there is a major parachute issue.

@tsturm yeah I would expect at the least using the LAS to assist parachute landing like the soyuz does, leaving ocean splashdown for aborts

@tsturm it still amuses me that the soyuz’s solution for detecting the ground is “lump of radioactive stuff and a geiger counter”

@tsturm radiation is reflected off the ground and into the geiger counter, increasing with proximity

@cinebox [wide-eyed stare]
That is genus. I'm sure this is about 10% of the complexity of a ground detecting radar.

@cinebox Ocean splashdowns is NASA saying "we've always done it this way" and SpaceX saying "whatevs, but you are paying extra for the cleanup."

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