I love idiotic sci-fi design choices, like “nuke with 30 second hold button” and “airlock that can be cycled from inside the ship with someone inside”


another silly sci-fi design trope: space suit helmets that vent atmosphere when a hose gets unplugged in a fall

like cmon guys even common terrestrial compressed air hoses don’t do this

@cinebox That one pissed me off in Expanse S3. During high-G maneuvers, Prax's hose gets cut, he immediately can't breathe. Amos unplugs his suit and gets up, spends 2 minutes crawling over to him and plugging it back in. Why can't Prax's suit hold 2 minutes of air?

@mdhughes check valves are just way too hard don’t you know

@cinebox @mdhughes Or flow-limiting valves in the other direction, for when the hose is cut instead of just unplugging. Maybe with some backpressure requirement.

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