I love idiotic sci-fi design choices, like “nuke with 30 second hold button” and “airlock that can be cycled from inside the ship with someone inside”

another silly sci-fi design trope: space suit helmets that vent atmosphere when a hose gets unplugged in a fall

like cmon guys even common terrestrial compressed air hoses don’t do this

@cinebox The former's silly, there's no way to get safe in 30 seconds. 5 minutes, maybe. No atmosphere for shockwave in space, so just getting on the other side of an asteroid or ship should be good enough.

With as many things as you want to flush out an airlock, the latter's the best design choice.

@cinebox That one pissed me off in Expanse S3. During high-G maneuvers, Prax's hose gets cut, he immediately can't breathe. Amos unplugs his suit and gets up, spends 2 minutes crawling over to him and plugging it back in. Why can't Prax's suit hold 2 minutes of air?

@mdhughes check valves are just way too hard don’t you know

@cinebox @mdhughes Or flow-limiting valves in the other direction, for when the hose is cut instead of just unplugging. Maybe with some backpressure requirement.

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