My son just came to me saying he couldn't use Linux for the online course he's taking this summer because the image editor was only available for Windows and Mac.

Turns out the teacher only had links to the Windows and Mac downloads of GIMP.


@ted @freakazoid I had a class that required using ssh so the professor linked to puTTY. Cue all my Mac-using classmates installing a windows VM to be able to run it

@ted @freakazoid (meanwhile I was trying and failing to get mosh running in userspace on the school servers...)

@cinebox @ted @freakazoid
Reminds me on all that years being told that I need Windows because one can not edit Word documents on Linux, or play Music or Draw Pictures . . .
It could be that they was right at that time but i do not thing so because most Programs I use exist a while now.
And not to forget that people saying you have to know how to program to use Linux, which didn't drove me away because I do but it's simply not true.

@ted @cinebox

People will always come up with excuses for the chains they keep themselves in.

@cinebox @ted @cybercow
The amazing human ability to adapt to adversity actually works against us in this regard.

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