Microsoft has released their new Terminal application to GitHub, marketing it as another demonstration of their commitment to "open source". While the project is MIT licensed, did you know it is inextricably linked and dependent upon numerous proprietary SDK tools, headers, and the Visual C++ ATL.

Do not be fooled, see through the mirage of feigned support to undermine and sabotage the original ethics of the free software movement!

@gnupropaganda how serious should I take this? Agreed, <100% "open source" is not "open source". But with their past, is there no margin available? If 100% is expected, they'll never be able to do anything "right" foss-wise.

@yarmo @gnupropaganda I have open source projects with assets that use PSDs, are those no longer considered open-source now?

@cinebox the code in your project may be opensource, you may also have given the psd files too. But to change the content of those PSD files (depending on what the contributor wants to change) the contributor needs to purchase photoshop and use proprietary software. In a way you are placing a restriction for people who don't want to buy photoshop. it means to contribute to your project one has to purchase proprietary software.


@raghukamath even if photoshop is the only tool that serves the role I need?

@cinebox even if it is the only software that serves your need, it won't change the fact that to contribute to your project one needs a photoshop license.

@cinebox to clarify, I am not saying you personaly should not use photoshop, what I am saying is you shouldn't make it so that to contribute one needs to use photoshop. May be you can use open formats to keep the source files.

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