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This is why I’m always cautious around horses. You never know when one will be made of antimatter

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Sign my change dot org petition to tidally lock the earth

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Google, Google! Google shut down by Alphabet — will take over UK after the Brexit vote

I obviously don't only use java for Minecraft

I also use it to play Airships: Conquer The Skies

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This is a very serious language for enterprise usage. Definitely not for playing the fun block game.

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It is very funny to me that one of the biggest drivers of development for Arm64 Java was Minecraft

you know when you know what something looks like and have to try and describe it into a search engine to find the name

anyways those limestone cascaded pools are called travertine terraces

Introducing Complex Mail Transfer Protocol, listens on port (25+25j)

I'm not a big fan of Buying Season, but I REALLY hate Adobe. So:

Serif's Affinity apps are all deeply discounted right now. Pay once and own them. I've found them to be entirely viable replacements to Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

this is the greatest rabbit ive ever seen i cant stop sending it in chat

One of these days I should learn what the hell camera people are talking about

Creating a chip with an N-channel mosfet but in a high side configuration. Call that Open Source Hardware

Microsoft write an OS that doesn’t lock me out of my account every month challenge (impossible)

Loving this logo that appears to have been a low resolution raster, which was then autovectorized poorly, and then rasterized again

Mon capitaine! I turned myself into a gourd! I’m Qcumber!

remember that time a north african merchant(?) named constantine was in italy and a guy in the hostel was sick and they called a doctor and constantine was like "uhh aren't you gonna take a urine sample" and the doctor was like "a what" and constantine was like "…" and the doctor was like "…" and then constantine africanus moved to the monastery of monte cassino and spent the rest of his life translating arabic medical texts into latin,

because i think about this probably every single week

more: 🐘

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