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Sign my change dot org petition to tidally lock the earth

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Oh well plenty of other places to eat on this street

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I came all the way to Santa Cruz for five guys and it’s closed :(

so that's

30 platinum sponsors at $300 per month
23 gold sponsors at $100 per month
24 silver sponsors at $40 per month

that's a minimum of $12,260 per month directly into Eugen's pockets

we don't know how much of the patreon $7,163.38 per month is included in that $12,260, but there's at least $3,900 extra from Patreon because nobody is donating at the gold tier according to patreon

that's sixteen times what I was making when I had an actual devops job, all from doing essentially nothing

for comparison, Bay12Games, the creators of Dwarf Fortress, are making about half as much as Eugen is making per month from about five times as many total donors

Wanna go to Santa Cruz but don’t know what to do there

Q: Why do engineers lack imagination?

A: They use jmagjnatjon instead.

I want one of those cutesy “home sweet home” signs but with. The “this is not a place of honor” text

The threat model implied by the use of center-pinned torx "security" screws for restroom stall partitions is hilarious to me.

Just two ordinary V/Line trains nothing interesting to see here Sodium ion batteries are now a reality! Not as performant as lithium, but doesn’t require lithium mining and will hopefully be cheaper once production scales

1. become renowned mathematician
2. put some stupid unprovable statement in a book that will be published after your death, saying you have a proof but don't actually publish it
3. rest in peace knowing thousands of mathematicians will waste their time on your bullshit for centuries to come

capybaras, or as i like to call them, guinea bigs

“Constructed under the sprawling metropolis of Bakersfield”

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