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Hello! I’ve been meaning to move here from for a while, my handle was @drewcassidy. I’m a college student studying electrical engineering at UC Irvine, and I’m interested in spaceflight, hobby electronics, KSP modding, and 3D printing, among other things.

You've heard of Big Gemini, now get ready for Big Vostok.


"For the first time in its 174-year history, the Smithsonian has released 2.8 million high-resolution two- and three-dimensional images from across its collections onto an open access online platform for patrons to peruse and download free of charge"

#Culture #PublicDomain #ArtWork #Smithsonian

Cars I’ve owned:

Like 200 matchbox cars
Tern Vectron E-bike

the fabric of spacetime is not zero energy, there is in fact a thin layer of excitement down there at the plank scale. particles and their antiparticles coming into existence and then instantly annihilating one another.

If a zero energy state is thought of as the floor, then the constant small excitement of energy everywhere can be thought of as a shallow wavy puddle that covers the floor. We've observed its effects experimentally, in fact.

In the metaphor, the casimir effect is what happens when you float two pencils very close to each other on the puddle, and the waves between the pencils have less pushing power than on the outside, and thus they float together and touch.

We've done this with tiny plates and the void of space. A negative energy space exists between the plates, and pressure from the universe itself pushes them together. awesome.

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Yes, thank you UCI for using the loud beeping alarm system to issue an all-clear for the gas leak in a building 50m away

Dumb, probably extremely bad political idea: your vote’s worth is inversely proportional to your wealth

Elevators seem like a pretty good way of seeing how the average human responds to sudden changes in gravity

all i know about op amps is that they are triangles what do calculus

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guys... is it gay to ting? I mean you're literally making a ting sound 😳😳

Cube Mars confirmed


Did someone say ?!

Yes, the mission did—in a series of papers published today in and!

Read on for an overview of these papers, and what we've learned about ...



What begins with E, ends with e, contains one letter, but isn't E? 

white people:

gosh it sure is

*blows up indigenous relics in Massachusetts*

a shame that

*blows up indigenous relics in Washington*

we'll never know more

*blows up indigenous relics in Arizona*

about indigenous cultures :(


*commenting on the Nevada caucus but everything I know about Nevada I learned from Fallout: New Vegas* Bernie won because of his popularity with super mutants


Ended up not needing the double pointer, but I’m still curious to the answer to this question

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C++ question: is `uint16_t *distanceBufferNow[LIDAR_STRIPS]{};` (as a private member of a class) a pointer to an array of ints? or an array of pointers to ints? (I want the former). and do I need to allocate it in the constructor or is it implicit?

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