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(I do have a few backup plans if the answer is “extremely”)

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how bad of an idea would it be to have a SMB server exposed to the internet?

DID YOU KNOW there are rabbits that are the size of medium dogs
heckin large bois `

“setlocal: command not found” what the fuck does this even mean, Rider. let me build my project

In further "2020 is bizarre" news, mysterious Russian shortwave spy station UVB-76 sent an absurd number of secret messages and was jammed on multiple occasions:

They have no place on
Wikipedia, and should
all be deleted

"Minecraft HDL is a digital synthesis flow for minecraft redstone circuits. It is an attempt to use industry standard design tools and methods to generate digital circuits with redstone."

The turkey accepting the president's pardon means that it accepts full guilt for its federal crimes

English People: "British English is a completely respectable dialect and people need to stop acting like we only talk in weird obscure slang"
Also English People:

Great news, gamers! I got hired to design arcade cabinets for Hell.

Like other fighting game fans, I am SICK AND TIRED of playing games where I cannot control each bone individually.

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The real antagonist of Fallout 4 is the colliders

IntelliJ Rider is now failing to build because it tries to run a windows command line command but I’m not on windows. Good job.

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