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Hello! I’ve been meaning to move here from for a while, my handle was @drewcassidy. I’m a college student studying electrical engineering at UC Irvine, and I’m interested in spaceflight, hobby electronics, KSP modding, and 3D printing, among other things.

hmm, looks like @mastonaut won’t show more than 4 poll options even when mastodon supports more

Star Trek is ridiculous fiction sometimes.

“if I push a few buttons I might be able to *do thing that has wild implications for the rest of the galaxy and will never be mentioned again*”

This morning’s project with my mom was prettying up this space under the stairs for holding emergency supplies. I figure out I could use blue tape to make a transferable pattern of the (not quite) parallelograms

“a few kilowatts per hour” what the fuck, Popular Mechanics

Man SCP-2521 is a surprisingly clever in its simplicity. Props to whoever came up with that one.

"Welcome," the interviewer said, "please have a seat."
"Thank you."
"Right, as you know time engineering is still in it's-"
"-early days, yes. Only invented a year ago."
"We are looking for an experienced engineer."
"I've got five years' experience in the field."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Audiophile trolling idea: vinyl record but instead of analog audio it has low bitrate MP3s, with included decoder

theres no way to just… apply the inverse at all

this is why I hate FOSS stuff

someone please stop whoever came up with Blender’s parent inverse antifeature

thanks to whoever defined plethora for me

it means a lot

I know it shouldn’t, but it bothers me so many people are spreading the “all macOS software needs to be notarized now to run” lie

Arckansas, often misspelled Arkansas, is the inverse of Kansas

Kinda fucked up there are at least 5 hubble sized telescopes in orbit that are pointed down instead of up

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