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Dang, theres no plugin for Fish syntax highlighting in CLion, I guess I'll have to write one

Update: My project with "python" in the title now contains 115 lines of python.

@heartles @a_lizard I tried to explain this to him, but then he would go off on a tangent about how cows are workers that have their surplus value stolen by being milked

Obsessed with CLIP+FFT, which uses CLIP, an internet-trained image-judging AI, to steer a deep dream-like image generator.

It'll do what you ask, but it will do it excessively.

"Frodo Baggins delivering pizza through the mines of Moria"

cathedral, adj: of, pertaining to or derived from a cathedron

And finally, how would I even benchmark this because using PSNR has the exact same issue

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It’s made further complicated by the fact the ULP for a block depends on the endpoints used, and those endpoints may not be ideal for a dithered block

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For example, if this were a 1-bit image format, a block of solid 0.25 grey would get encoded as black, even if a dither pattern would be closer overall

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Hmm, I’d like to add dithering support to my encoder, but dithering would technically result in a higher squared-magnitude error, even if the overall error is lower. Maybe I need a better error algorithm

"someone donated $4.20, like those Adams books?"

Ok I've somehow surpassed the quality of the original codebase, and I'm not entirely sure what I did or I would back port that change

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BC1 encoder continues to improve. It now knows to try using 3-color blocks to get black pixels, only feature from rgbcx left to reimplement is the endpoint search which tries to match endpoints back to the original colors.

also new test image because old one had serious jpeg artefacts

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