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Hello! I’ve been meaning to move here from for a while, my handle was @drewcassidy. I’m a college student studying electrical engineering at UC Irvine, and I’m interested in spaceflight, hobby electronics, KSP modding, and 3D printing, among other things.

I wonder how decentralized systems like the Fediverse would fare in a solar-system-spanning network. Probably a lot better than something centralized

Kinda want some bamboo plants. they seem like a cool combination of decoration, carbon sequestration, and building material

I forgot how much I love this shuttle design with the two engines

Randomly feeling angry that Rambus never caught on

While you studied the blade I also studied the blade. But I didn't studey the blade very well. Did you do the blade homework. What did you get for question 5

Given Trumps history I would believe this if it weren’t for the fact China would *immediately* call bullshit on us

Conspiracy theory: the Apollo moon landings were real but the Artemis moon landings will be faked

"wrap the suspension in insulation" he said. "it'll be fun" he said.

federation between and doesnt appear to be working?

For some reason Siri on the watch doesn’t do unit conversion with fractions? It works with decimal values just fine

Starting to make something out of particleboard and immediately regretting it

ADHD hard mode: trying to be productive next to a running 3D printer

i still can't believe nginx is pronounced "engine x" and not "nn-GINCKS"

30 minutes until the Dragon 2 in flight abort test!

I had to hit “domain join” in order to make a normal not-online account. What the fuck is this shit

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