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Knuckles is quoting the Qur'an

A totally normal sentence I expected to write on this website at 11PM

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Arguing that the Jones act applies to air travel to annoy the airline industry

boss accidentally printed one of my placeholder-text business cards along with the staff ones I designed

he is not mad but we now have eighty (80) business cards for Bob Shitfuckerson, Lead Shitfucker

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (Oooooo)
I am for eels
Pro/con list composed of kinds of fish
Eels found in "pro" that is my wish

Showing up in my HAVOC airship blaring the E1M1 music on the intercom

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We have found life on Venus and it’s cacodemons

look I know we all love the ikea shark on here

but might I direct your attention to this

a common metric you might see when car shopping is "HP". this stands for "hit points", and stands for the amount of damage the engine can sustain before it falls unconscious.

It’s not an emoji unless it’s from the emoji block of the Unicode standard, otherwise it’s just a sparkling emoticon

There ARE examples of oil companies in the Mushroom Kingdom to this day, for example, Fire Flower Oil (subsidiary of the Fire Flower Corporation), Bullet Oil, and Luigi Oil to name a few.

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Modeled a 0.625m launch escape tower for smaller capsules, now I just have to figure out how to balance it, especially since the stock one’s stats are very silly.

I wonder how much living stuff there is above earth’s atmosphere. Obviously the ISS and the microbiome there, but what about microbes clinging to space debris?

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