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I'm so so so tired...

Anyway, here's a cute photo I found.

I can now read and write entire DXT1 textures with mipmaps. Next is DXT5 and transmuting between the two

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"The origin of the term mipmap is an initialism of the Latin phrase multum in parvo ("much in a small space")" huh, TIL

I am a simple man. I hear NASA capcom chatter sampled in a song, I add it to my library

Sometimes Wikipedia provides great bounties

CW for close-up picture of a pillbug

I can now read in a DDS file, then write it back out as just the header in a new file. The difference here is some stuff nvidia texture tools sticks into the reserved space, and the bottom one has actual image data

How do you pronounce "tty"

the fact that the ATX standard has 12V is really handy in that it makes it easy to replace the PC Speaker in your computer with a real actual car horn

luckily I only have to worry about the actual values if I make my little library actually general purpose, instead of just a hack for doing DXT5 to DXT1 without generation loss

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the DXT5 image format stores 8 3-bit values across 3 bytes in little-endian order. I am in pain

Reminder that the singular of corgi is corgus

One corgus
Two corgi

I would get a raspberry pi Pico but I already have enough microcontroller boards I'm not doing anything with

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