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just a little reminder to folks: Indian English is the second most spoken dialect of English *in the world*, with multiple times more speakers than British English itself, and second only to US English. (Nigerian English a close third).

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Still proud of how nice of a little language turned out to be and sad at how little opportunity I have to use it right now cause I still loves it.

The light in my room just flickered and my brain initially parsed it as "huh, the power must have flickered" but then I realized that the overhead light isn't even on and all my light is coming from the windows 😄

I guess a bird or something flew between me and the sun instead ☀️

One fun thing about working for in the medical tech space is that sometimes you're testing a bugfix about unwanted duplicates, and you think you didn't fix it because the names of Miralax and Mirapex look too similar :blobfacepalm:

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This 1983 intro to computers book for young children has as much detail in a few colorful pages as a college hardware architecture class.

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#Mozilla #CommonVoice wishes to gain 500000 new contributions by July 20th. Sounds huge to me, but maybe it can happen!
Common Voice is a really cool project attempting to collect recordings from people of all ages, genders, dialects, etc. so that future speech recognition can become more reliable, and so that we do not need to depend on things like Google's captioning service. If you care about #accessibility, #privacy or just like reading out or listening to random sentences, please optionally make an account (to help make the data more easily searchable) and contribute.
This absolutely does not go just for English speakers, BTW. English is doing just fine. If you speak any other languages, please help add, record and sort sentences in it, instead. For example, the Slovenian database is growing, slowly but surely!
Edit: Fixing typos. Sorry!

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this website has taught me a lot about computers and the lesson i've learned is that they are very very bad

I only recently got into vinyl, but the new album I got in the mail today is a good example of why I love it. Such a gorgeous physical medium for an art that is increasingly digital.

Decided to act on the obvious (Twitter is bad for my mental health) and set up LeechBlock NG to delay Twitter loading by 60 seconds, tested it, works great, cool.

Told my brain to get back to doing things, and it immediately opened a tab to Twitter and was greeted by the LeechBlock delay page I'd just closed 🤦‍♂️

So, yeah, this was a good call methinks.

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see the blurry laptop in the banner image on this page?
try selecting text on it.

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I will never forget that video I saw about talking to cops. It was like an hour and a half split between a lawyer, making the case that you shouldn't talk to cops, and a cop, arguing that you should. The lawyer's argument featured all the standard things - you have the right to a lawyer, the lawyer knows the system better than you, the cops can and will lie to you, they might pin something on you even if you're innocent, etc.. He made some really cogent arguments and stated them well.

But what stuck with me was the cop's argument. It basically boiled down to two points: first, don't worry about it! Second, I shit you not, he made the argument that everyone breaks the law in small ways all the time, so you've done something wrong, and if you get on the cops' bad side they can lock you up if they want.

I saw this when I was a baby liberal in college, and I think that cop's terrible, evil argument singlehandedly radicalized me

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Check out the (ridiculously huge and cheap) Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid. 1000 games for as little as USD $5, including one from yours truly. Lots of good ones in here.

linux fun, ulimits 

Why are prlimit's memory sizes in bytes if ulimit's sizes are in kilobytes? I don't know! But testing bears out that that is the case.

Also, like, yeah this is a mess, but that's the whole point of this project, so it fits right in 😄

For extra wonkiness, why not bake the prlimit right into your makefile? You know I did!

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linux fun, ulimits 

Linux tip: if you want to run a command that might get out of hand, you can use `prlimit` to set process-specific limits to keep it in line.

So if you're, say, trying to build a Verilog project that might have some exponential nesting if you do it wrong, instead of running `make dangerous.vvp`, you can run:

prlimit --as=10000000000 make dangerous.vvp

Then when it gets greedy and tries to address more than 10GB(ish) of memory, malloc will refuse and it'll crash instead of bogging your system to a standstill until you manage to get a kill command thrown at it.

There are plenty of limits to be had, `man prlimit` will tell you about them. Heads up though, while --as (address-space) is a rather blunt weapon, the more reasonable --rss limit is not honored on many systems, including mine, apparently. prlimit doesn't warn you about this, but the ulimit section of `man bash` does.

Also if you don't know what's going on here, I'm skipping a lot of details - happy to elaborate if you're curious!

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ooh, competitive breakout... sounds like a good idea for a game!


for p=0,1 do
for n=1,4 do
flip()goto _


Just uploaded my HDL trashfire to Gitlab. Current language stats:

40.75% C++
28.98% Awk
9.42% Verilog
7.70% Rust
6.74% Python

I'm irrationally delighted by this unholy mix, it's beautiful!

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