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I was already intrigued by Hey but feeling like it was too one-size-fits-all for my needs, so with the big Basecamp "our employees aren't allowed to be people unless they like the status quo" nonsense, I'm doing a little, uh, reorganizing of my Fastmail to see if I can arrange it to better meet my needs without Hey:

Today my yak stack has been materialized into pull requests, and I am now four pull requests deep, each depending on the next one down in the stack.

Delightfully, the issue numbers for these PRs (one issue has two PRs) are 2825, 2845, and 2895.

Dependency management is fun!!!! :blobdisapproval:

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Social anxiety is:

Editing a slack message containing only the word "yes" twice to get the tone just right.

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с днём рождения, кот с блинами! \^o^/


blini cat is 10 years old today everybody say happy birthday blini cat


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New shot today. 4x zoom. Really happy with the results. Almost finished with editing. #theObservatory

By golly, it works! I'm venturing into FPGA-land, and managed to write and program a very basic program to my dev board. The program is literally this:

module buttons(
input [0:7] buttons,
output [0:7] leds
assign leds=buttons

Which simply connects each button to its respective LED. But the important part is I got it built, synthesized, placed and routed, and programmed! I even connected the ports to the right pins, and look! It does a thing!

So this computer had decided to bail into intramfs a few days ago, and after it wouldn't boot from USB, I managed to recover it from intramfs by mounting my root fs, pulling fsck off of it into the tmpfs, then unmounting and running fsck on it. Feeling very wizardy today! 👨‍💻

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Anyone from North or South America? Please give a quick ping in your terminal or GUI tool. We're interested in latency, your very rough location, and optionally ISP. Thanks :)
(boosts for sample size very welcome!)

So my HDL playing has been partially converting nand2tetris HDL into actual Verilog so that I can hopefully put it on an actual FPGA, and I've managed to get as far as loading my ALU into yosys and generating a nice diagram of it and y'all, it looks pretty rad! Check it out!

(Spoilers for I guess, don't look too closely if you don't want to know how I put my ALU together!)

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I dunno what y'all are doing with your Monday nights, but I'm playing with HDLs for the first time in a decade and just figured out the reason I couldn't find any docs on this VHDL keyword is becuase Verilog and VHDL are different things 🙃

Turns out reading docs about the language you're actually writing in is super helpful!

It's still just utterly criminal that the metric names for the two smallest metric SMT resistor sizes have the EXACT SAME NAME (0402, 0603) as the imperial names for the third- and fourth-largest sizes.

Truly next-level unit fuckery, I might hate this even more than I hate the very idea of mils as a unit.

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there are loads of different web browsers available, such as 'google chrome', 'google chrome but with different branding', and 'google chrome again'

Pulled up QDirStat to figure out why my home directory is so full...turns out I had a planet.osm.pbf in there from 2016 taking up 33GB :blobfacepalm:

At least that was an easy cleanup 🤷

I also had a 13GB Google Ngrams file in there that I moved to my external drive, of course 🙃

Oh, and if it's helpful context, I have a keyboard-driven workflow, so window managers are not a huge selling point cause I'll probably rip it out. All my computers that have window managers are running i3 with some xfce bits, I think.

I do appreciate having decent GUI apps for things, for instance the computer in question currently doesn't have any low-battery warnings or shutdown/sleep because I'm lazy, so if that comes free I wouldn't mind!

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Okay Fediverse, what Linux distro should I hop to next?

Target is my should-be-mostly-functional laptop (Thinkpad T460). It currently has Linux Mint 18 (!) on it, and is due for a refresh. History: my older, okay-if-it's-a-little-broken laptop is currently running Arch, and was Slackware before that. Desktop is Xubuntu, in-home server is Fedora.

For this one, looking for something with reasonable package management and stability, vaguely on the less fiddly side but not totally opposed to fiddling. Otherwise, pretty open.

I've been hearing a lot these days. Is still cool? I don't know where it lies on the fiddly spectrum. Is a distro or a package manager?? Is functional yet? I haven't been keeping up that much on Linux distros lately and I don't know what the scene is, so stump for your faves 😄


This was not a useful skill a decade ago and it is significantly less useful now, but nevertheless: chuffed to find that after not playing any Guitar Hero for at least a year, I can still clear Knights of Cydonia after one warmup run.

(I then crashed out on Cult of Personality at like 75%, I made a good showing of the second chaos run but not good enough)

Love me a good serendipitous commit hash. Just got to do a `git log --author=Joel dad95` 😄

(Extra lucky because this repo has 20k commits all told, so a reasonable number of 5-character hashes collide!)

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