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It's still just utterly criminal that the metric names for the two smallest metric SMT resistor sizes have the EXACT SAME NAME (0402, 0603) as the imperial names for the third- and fourth-largest sizes.

Truly next-level unit fuckery, I might hate this even more than I hate the very idea of mils as a unit.

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there are loads of different web browsers available, such as 'google chrome', 'google chrome but with different branding', and 'google chrome again'

Pulled up QDirStat to figure out why my home directory is so full...turns out I had a planet.osm.pbf in there from 2016 taking up 33GB :blobfacepalm:

At least that was an easy cleanup 🤷

I also had a 13GB Google Ngrams file in there that I moved to my external drive, of course 🙃

Oh, and if it's helpful context, I have a keyboard-driven workflow, so window managers are not a huge selling point cause I'll probably rip it out. All my computers that have window managers are running i3 with some xfce bits, I think.

I do appreciate having decent GUI apps for things, for instance the computer in question currently doesn't have any low-battery warnings or shutdown/sleep because I'm lazy, so if that comes free I wouldn't mind!

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Okay Fediverse, what Linux distro should I hop to next?

Target is my should-be-mostly-functional laptop (Thinkpad T460). It currently has Linux Mint 18 (!) on it, and is due for a refresh. History: my older, okay-if-it's-a-little-broken laptop is currently running Arch, and was Slackware before that. Desktop is Xubuntu, in-home server is Fedora.

For this one, looking for something with reasonable package management and stability, vaguely on the less fiddly side but not totally opposed to fiddling. Otherwise, pretty open.

I've been hearing a lot these days. Is still cool? I don't know where it lies on the fiddly spectrum. Is a distro or a package manager?? Is functional yet? I haven't been keeping up that much on Linux distros lately and I don't know what the scene is, so stump for your faves 😄


This was not a useful skill a decade ago and it is significantly less useful now, but nevertheless: chuffed to find that after not playing any Guitar Hero for at least a year, I can still clear Knights of Cydonia after one warmup run.

(I then crashed out on Cult of Personality at like 75%, I made a good showing of the second chaos run but not good enough)

Love me a good serendipitous commit hash. Just got to do a `git log --author=Joel dad95` 😄

(Extra lucky because this repo has 20k commits all told, so a reasonable number of 5-character hashes collide!)

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what the hell, etymonline says "spoiled child" predates "spoiled milk" as a meaning of the word (spoils of war being the original)

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details on this <unexpected situation>, arcane git nonsense, jargon 

As CW'd, today's situation is particularly arcane git nonsense, so you have my sympathy regarding any part of this that makes sense to you. But for the record:

I'm building a monorepo out of git subtrees, and my rewritten history showed no changes after squash-merging in a branch from a certain repo that itself I have massively rewritten history in. It was almost as if the branch was even with development. I was doing a lot of rewriting the squashed message to clean up a bunch of noise, so I figured I'd just broken something in that cleanup and cleaned up more than I should.

But no, turns out I'd just screwed up in creating the alternate-history version of this one branch, and it was indeed just...even with development, and thus had no new changes, so when my code dutifully removed all the redundant change messages, I correctly ended up with an empty commit message :blobfacepalm:

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Another day, another "Huh, why does it look like <unexpected situation> happened, that can't be right. What's wrong with my code that makes it look like that?" answered with "Your code is working exactly as designed and <unexpected situation> did, in fact, happen"

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Hey fedi, the Recurse Center is offering up to $1000 to trans/non-binary/women programmers for upcoming batches. RC changed my life and is just an amazing experience/community -- see here for more:

Also because I saw @relsqui's reply on that post and realized I was literally already using Perl, I also decided to see what an actual Perl solution would look like. This is...probably better?

perl -ne 'print map { ucfirst } split "-"' snake_case

Also, codeblocks on Masto when??

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I just needed to once again convert snake_case to CamelCase in bash, and instead of coming up with a better way I searched my own timeline and stole my terrible regex I posted about a couple months ago:

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My views on Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation 

So I decided it was definitely time to remove the FSF sticker from my laptop. It was really hard to remove and it left a really gross residue that I'm not sure I'll ever get off. If that isn't a good metaphor for Stallman's influence on the world of free software, I don't know what is.

I'm a little ashamed it took Spotify's Discover Weekly to introduce me to Going to Marrakesh by The Extra Glenns (a side project half of which is John Darnielle), but I am delighted to have met this goofy-ass song all the same.

Not sure what my favorite lyric is, but "Our love is like Jesus but worse" is up there.

(Also I just checked and it is actually only 22 voice messages, but I still haven't covered tides, axial tilt, or projected analemmas yet and 1.83 dozen basically counts as "dozens" anyway, right?)

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(If you don't know who either of those people are, Hank is a Gen X science educator and author John Green's brother, Abraham is an old-millenial exvangelical armchair philosopher who also makes and sells jigsaw puzzles, and is the son of very prominent fundamentalist John Piper. They both have a self-aware, conversational/inviting kind of presence on TikTok that I appreciate)

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After explaining how the moon's movement in the sky works to a friend over literally dozens of Instagram voice messages, my 32yo ass woke up this morning thinking about trying my hand at actually posting on TikTok, more or less Hank Green style with a little Abraham Piper for style. Heaven help me.

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If you, or somebody you know, are interested in live streaming outside of the existing corporate ecosystems or want to try something new, the #owncast project is going to offer some free instances that we manage for people who don't have the experience or resources to do so themselves. We'll start small, but share this with your friends, family, non-profits, creative organizations or anybody who might want to live stream using Owncast.

For more details:

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