@cinebox Ha, no joke, I saw this (just a bare link without a preview) and thought "hmm...it's been a bit...but is this Wire?" and then clicked through and lo and behold 😄

I definitely watched it at *least* 20 times when I first saw it, it's so dang well executed!

@anna Ooh, thanks! I've been casually on the lookout for something like this, and this looks really nice 😀

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Mars looks the way you would expect a planet to look. Mercury looks like a moon. Venus looks like a smudge but it's believable that a planet with a bunch of thick atmosphere would like like that. But Jupiter and Saturn? Like wtf you could not make this up

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Falcon has been flying for years and it still fails its propulsive landing on occasion, meanwhile parachute recovery of crew capsules has been successful with only a single exception

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Write your website like your user has a 300KB/s connection because millions of us do

@nebunez Here is a picture of my cat being perfect and snoozy about a year ago, when I was having a pretty shitty week myself. Hopefully he'll bring you some joy like he did me 🙂

Current work status: getting way too into writing custom ESLint rules. I just wrote my first fixer, and it does clever things about indentation that it should probably not be doing 😅

@brennen @ifixcoinops It looks like it requires setting up the tunnel in realtime (so your friend has to be ready to receive, you can't upload and then have them download it at leisure) but it does fit all the description in the OP pretty well!

@brennen @ifixcoinops This reminded me I saw a browser version of wormhole...looking around, looks like webwormhole.io is an implementation of the same basic model, I don't know if it's what I was thinking of or not!

@leebee Wow, that mossy concrete bridge(?) is really neat!

@cinebox The rEFInd website, which I need infrequently but when I do I really need it, is definitely in this category

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I was thinking yesterday about what the camera system would need to look like to get this shot yesterday... not knowing that they had done it.

I am sooo in love with this image.

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#NASA JPL live #Perseverance #Mars landing clean feed if you don't want commentary and just want calm soothing audio from Mission Control: youtu.be/kPrbJ63qUc4

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I'm open for #commissions ^.^ I mostly do mandalas, and can incorporate different elements (flowers, symbology, though I'm not good at animals or people), but I also do abstract work and floral illustrations (like words surrounded by botanicals).

Prices include shipping and are roughly, depending on complexity:

A5: $40 USD
A4: $80 USD
A3: $150 USD
A2: $250 USD

With an extra $15 for registered mail with a tracking number.

Email: delsdoodlesart@gmail.com ^.^


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shitty person death 

I grew up with the Rush Limbaugh show as a regular fixture in the house and on the car ride to school and back.

He was a vile human who utterly and thoroughly committed his life to making the world a worse, more selfish place, and was sadly rather successful at doing so.

Good riddance, he shall not be missed. I'm glad his ability to affect and infect our world directly is no more.

I'm not an afterlife kinda guy, but may his legacy forever be nothing but a mark of shame, may his memory be forgotten except as a warning.

We use a platform called Aptible at work that I use somewhat infrequently.

Thanks to a wide range of sci-fi stories, I invariably try to type it as "ansible" the first couple times and have to stare at the screen for a few seconds to remember what the heck our deployment platform is actually called.

Now I wanna read Hyperion again. Also, I just looked it up and (re-)learned that the term was originally coined by LeGuin, rad!

@cinebox Goodness, I know git gets a little flustered by braces sometimes but this is next-level!

In any case I've found often a patience diff will behave better (git diff --patience) and I think I have it set as default in most of my envs (git config --global diff.algorithm patience)

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did we ever find out if they were giants or not

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no, computers werent a mistake

no, the internet wasnt a mistake

the mistake was letting capitalism have control of these things

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