@bxl_forever @amapanda Okay I got a bit carried away here, but there's some thoughts below. In short, there's some precedent for colour=rainbow for the pride, but bi flag is harder, I didn't really find anything that had a colour pattern marked except for some bouys that have their own system. "colour=blue;purple;pink" with "note:colour=bi pride flag" is maybe the most conventional, but I'd like to find something more specific!

Also worth noting that I'm not super active in tagging myself - I know the tools and reference materials fairly well, but haven't actually added that much data myself!

more musings, borders, waffling on colours 

@bxl_forever @amapanda Oh, and as for borders, I found one sign that had color:border, so you could do that too if you want.

Also I'm waffly on colour:pride:lgbtq because it's kinda putting a lot of the "value" on the key side, but I haven't come up with anything else particularly useful either.

There's a system of bouys that uses seamark:topmark:colour_pattern so maybe like...


...I dunno! Not a lot of precedent I could find.

more musings, some other reference points 

@bxl_forever @amapanda Other points of reference:
Here's a node that is a giant rainbow flag, which is a `man_made:flagpole` with "flag:type=cultural" and "flag:name=rainbow": openstreetmap.org/node/7166033

The rainbow crosswalks on Castro are actually also tagged, but with "crossing:marking=rainbow": openstreetmap.org/node/6483277

I personally am not a huge fan of that, and might actually change them to colour, since "crossing:marking" it collides with the meaning of marked/unmarked crosswalks - the crosswalks at that intersection are the only four using "rainbow" in all of OSM and the only other value of crossing:marking is 18 instances of "zebra": taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys

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@bxl_forever @amapanda

Another idea: you could also take inspiration from the lgbtq tag, which is usually used to tag establishments that are welcoming to or primarily for various lgbtq groups: wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ke

It might not make sense to tag the crosswalk directly with lgbtq (since it can still be used by everyone!), but I'm just spitballing here, what about something like this??


Unforunately I couldn't find any existing uses of any combination of colour, lgbtq, pride, or flag (other than some colour:flag entries that all had a single color entry), but you could be the first!

@bxl_forever @amapanda That leaves a couple questions: what do we do for the bi flag (since it's not rainbow), and do you want to distinguish between these crosswalks with colored borders, and ones where the whole crosswalk is the flag (e.g. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedestri)? For reference, the one in Vernon above is the only one visible on StreetView, and the stripes are rainbow.

For bi flag: again, as a data nerd, I might indicate colors in the standard multiple-values way with road_marking:colour:border=blue;purple;pink

But this doesn't really capture the pride flag element. You could just use "bi_flag" or something as the color, but that feels a little messy.

Perhaps the most conventional way would be to use the `note` prefix:
note:colour=bi pride flag

note is used for all kinds of things, including a note:colour to specify that a mailbox is painted gold in honor of a gold medalist! But it's inherently less structured, so might be harder to search for in the future.

@bxl_forever @amapanda Oh interesting, I love this question...I did a little digging through TagInfo and the wiki and there's not a ton of precedent but I did find some things!

Firstly, I found a total of three rainbow crosswalks that are already tagged! 🎉 All are basic rainbows, and tagged with "colour=rainbow".

Here's the Overpass Turbo query: overpass-turbo.eu/s/1iNT

And the nodes:
Vernon, BC, Canada: openstreetmap.org/node/5786719
Dallas, TX: openstreetmap.org/node/8544923
Athens, Greece: openstreetmap.org/node/6199089

There's also precedent for this with non-pride-themed crosswalks in Hong Kong, where a specific type of signaled crosswalks are yellow, and they have generally been tagged with either "colour=yellow" or "road_marking:colour=yellow"

As the data nerd I prefer specificity of "road_marking:colour" over "colour" but it doesn't really matter!

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@vv Clearly Mastodon needs to implement some sort of ranked/transferrable voting system to avoid this kind of vote splitting. STAR implementation when??

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ubuntu, griping 

@relsqui Ha! Well, the thing that was most on my mind there was that one of my very first real coding-adjacent projects was taking over the installer for NASA WorldWind and I then used NSIS to build installers for other projects, and I always tried to make the progress bar possible, and it was always a losing battle. A good early lesson in things being not as simple as they seem!

And then generally in the years since I've built enough things with various progress indicators, and seen many progress indicators I've used failing in many ways, and have built up an instinctual aversion to "just add a progress bar!" because it's a much more tricky problem than most people realize 😄

ubuntu, griping 

Look, I know better than most that progress indicators are hard, but it's...well I guess I'm upgrading from 20.04 so it's 2020. Why doesn't `do-release-upgrade` at least give me a 52/1000 for each stage of the process?

These packages aren't even in any discernable order, so I have no clue if there are 10 packages left to configure or 10000!

update, transphobia, john mulaney, the discourse 

Well I finally actually checked it out, and we regret to inform you that Mulaney is transphobic. 🦆

No excuse for featuring prominently transphobic and homophobic comedians as surprise guests in the year of our lord twenty twenty-two, John. 🗑️

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@tindall (Also, who knew that's how you spelled camaraderie? Not 15-minutes-ago-me flailing about assuming it would share more than half its letters with "comrade", that's for sure!)

@zkat Yes, imagining what's going on in my poor computer's brain as it panics trying to keep the plates spinning...I know this well. Bonus points for when it fills its precious remaining space with frantic error logs, thus hastening its own doom :blobfacepalm:

I've learned the hard way that whenever my computer just kinda...refuses to do anything but doesn't actually say it can't do anything, I've learned the first step is to run a `df` in the nearest available terminal and hope it can find the resources to complete it 😅 Literally yesterday I got around to finally expanding my too-small root partition on my desktop because I kept hitting this, in fact!

If it's being slow but not super weird, first I check to see if something is hogging all the swap space and it's panicking trying to juggle pages constantly.

I know just enough about swap and virtual memory to worry about whether swap space just gives things enough leash to run away with, but not enough to know the answer.

@tindall Good gracious, I'm starting to feel some camaraderie with everyone who jealously guarded their PS/2 ports for years because of n-key rollover and other USB nonsense.

Universal, but at what cost 😭

@jam Oh yeah, in this case it's definitely crucial to the joke/fun too :)

And yes to applying problem solving strategies from one domain to another and seeing what happens!

Reminds me of some of the more conventional versions of that, one of my favorites is is solving probability problems with geometry, I just love that transposition. Reminds me of the Fourier transform too, if you're familiar with that 😄

@jam Oh nooooo, the cross-post! Not too late to delete-and-redraft here at least, I say, and I've been known to manually do the same on Twitter, but also am known for using any edit functionality I'm given far past what is reasonable 😅

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The curb cut effect: for example, media descriptions right here on Mastodon help people who use screen readers, but they are also useful for explaining the joke for people who don’t get it, for translations of text, and for copy-pasting what would otherwise be just an image of text.

@jam Yeah that about sums it up!

Thanks for the cheatsheet, my math/logic notation knowledge is very slim. I did know enough to fill in "if and only if" for the autocorrect mangling though 😄

Also, I'm a big fan of using jargon for brevity and supplying explainers to fill folks in, glad to see I'm not the only one!

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what I want: motivation ⟷ desire ∨ need
what I've got: motivation ⫫ desire ⫫ need

@sam Oh dang, this is rad, and the result is pretty impressive!

A few misfires of course, but a strong opener, and some standout sections: Crash Crouse with John Green section starting at 0:59, exquisite paper-cutout-style illustrated ASMR-adjacent whispery section starting at 1:36, tired-of-capitalism two-chair bantery interview at 2:10.

Great results out of the gate, easy to see how with just a little editing you've got a really excellent supercut in no time. Slick!

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