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I guess the redirect solves this, but I popped back in for a minute in case any followers didn't get migrated: this account is now at @c9a - see you over there!

@futzle @welshpixie @cefiar Aren't the records that actually transfer authority are the NS records at the `.art` domain? Those are the ones that have a TTL of an hour, which is why we might just be in a waiting game.

@welshpixie @futzle @cefiar Yeah, I think that's what we want. If that spinner means you hit save, I think that should do it, but it looks like the TTL on those records is an hour, so we may just have to wait to see those take effect.

Now though, with all those records in place at Dynadot, you're now okay to leave it be and see if it takes effect, I think - if we don't see things changed over in an hour, I'd say that's the point to poke Dynadot support and ask why your nameservers haven't changed

@welshpixie @futzle @cefiar Oh sorry, there are too many dropdowns 😆 I meant the dropdown at the top that currently says "Name Servers" - if it's an option, I'd switch that to "Dynadot DNS", which is what I'd expect to set your nameservers to Dynadot.

@welshpixie @futzle @cefiar ...huh. Is "Dynadot DNS" an option in that Nameservers dropdown?

@welshpixie @futzle @cefiar 🤔 Hmm. That's odd...I was expecting an option to "use Dynadot DNS" or something. I'd say it's safe to hit save on that though - either it'll go through and things will be fine, or it won't and nothing will change.

As a backup, do you have access to a Namecheap account? I noticed the other domains are using that for their nameservers.

@welshpixie @futzle @cefiar To be clear, I see them on Dynadot's DNS servers, which aren't currently active as your nameservers, so that switch has yet to be thrown. It looks like you're now good to throw that switch from my end though!

@welshpixie @futzle @cefiar Yep, roger that - I see the TXT record on my end, with included

@welshpixie @futzle @cefiar Okay, yeah no other records at `` to worry about 👍

@welshpixie @futzle @cefiar Okay yep, I'm seeing those A records at DynaDot now. Let me double check to make sure there aren't any other records at DO currently, just to make sure...

@welshpixie @futzle @cefiar Not quite - the A records should be the IPs for, same as at DigitalOcean. I'm seeing two A records currently:

@futzle @welshpixie @cefiar This all lines up with my digging, and I agree, you've got two options:
- Add MX records to DigitalOcean and keep them as your nameserver
- Add A records to Dynadot, switch to using them for your nameserver

Right now you've got A records at DO and MX records at Dynadot - Dynadot does show the MX record you added, but since they're not your authoritative nameserver, those records aren't having any effect.

It is confusing - I would expect switching the configuration to "Dynadot DNS" would also switch the nameservers to DynaDot! But given your second screenshot, that seems to not be the case for some reason.

(To be clear, the "start-of-authority" records (SOA) will generally be controlled by the "Nameserver" fields in your registrar's configuration.)

@welshpixie @futzle @Rheall Huh, so, it's certainly possible to switch registrars without switching nameservers (some of my domains are in that state), but usually you do want to have access to whoever is running your nameservers :)

It looks like the other two domains, and, are using NameCheap nameservers (that's who * is) - do you have access to a NameCheap account?

@welshpixie @futzle @Rheall In any case, it looks like with the new nameservers the A records still point to the correct IPs, so I don't foresee any immediate danger 🤞

@futzle @welshpixie Okay yeah that was my question - this is Dynadot, which you're using as a registrar, right? When I query `` right now, it shows DigitalOcean as the nameservers, do you use DO at all? That may be Dynadot's email thing if not...

@welshpixie Ughhhhhh I'm sorry. If you could use a second pair of eyes, I know a fair bit about DNS and have a minute here.

If so, first question, where are you seeing `` instead of the ``?

One of these days I'll learn that whenever the body of a commit message starts with "Also" that is a pretty surefire sign that it should actually be two commits.

On a related note, I should see about getting my `git split` script merged upstream.

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