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I stayed up too late last night but I think I made it out of the number-parsing swamp, and am back on the main trail of the April Fool's . Gonna be streaming my further exploration for a bit at

Back at the adventure, made great progress earlier and am delving deeper into automatically parsing things now! Come join if you like:

Update: making solid progress on digging into yesterday's xkcd: I've identified the programming language and are working on trying out some speech-to-text. Come on by!

So I am just getting around to checking out the April Fools xkcd and...what is this, some sort of....Forth? Really I'm only saying that because of the square brackets, quote, and the fact that I did (not very much of) Advent of Code in Forth last year. know what, I've got nothing to do for the next couple hours, I'm gonna dig into this on a livestream. Not up yet, but I'll be at in like 15 minutes or something.


So a post looking for advice on how to get started with electronics got boosted onto my timeline, and after forgetting about it for three days, I finally sat down to reply, and ended up writing 2500 words of general-purpose advice across 16 Mastodon posts 😅

So, in case anyone else is looking for some thoughts on where to start if you want to dip your toe into hardware hacking, I found a WriteFreely instance to sign up for and collected my thoughts there, in a slightly-more-readable format:

Let me know if I forgot anything big, I guess, ha!

Also, in case anyone else runs into this: firstly, my condolences. Secondly, your commit message is in .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG - here's a good post on how to make a local setup to easily recover it:

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Okay, I'm several days behind in and I have a little time before I should get to bed, so let's start at day 7 and go backwards, shall we?

As usual, streaming at my server. Come hang out while I grumble at for a bit!

This year for , all the languages I was interested in playing with felt like they were gonna be a lot of work to learn and actually solve things in. I didn't feel quite up to it this year so I hacked out day 1 in - which is a delight but hardly new, QBasic is the first language I coded in!

But then @nihilazo started poking around in retroforth. Forth was high on my list but I didn't know what flavor to go with, so I gave retro a run, and it's nice, just enough bells and whistles to be approachable.

After porting over my initial solution to Forth and tearing my hair out over variable declarations, I took a fresh run at it with stacks in mind, and ended up with what I think is a pretty nice, tidy solution. Especially nice was that when I needed to clean up the stack to do the full solution rather than leave the whole list in memory, it was literally removing one word. Fun! Yay fedi folks!

Anyway, this is the video I set up the shortcuts for, it's a little peek at my latest hyperfocus side project that I sent to a friend. This project has been my excuse to play with Rust some more, this time diving into GUIs. It's nothing exciting yet, but it's been fun!

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Current work status: getting way too into writing custom ESLint rules. I just wrote my first fixer, and it does clever things about indentation that it should probably not be doing 😅

Today's programming mood: one of the two hardest problems indeed

Today's adventures in code: implementing a bespoke parser for an extremely limited subset of SVG's path specification because why the heck not


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