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Okay, I'm several days behind in and I have a little time before I should get to bed, so let's start at day 7 and go backwards, shall we?

As usual, streaming at my server. Come hang out while I grumble at for a bit!

This year for , all the languages I was interested in playing with felt like they were gonna be a lot of work to learn and actually solve things in. I didn't feel quite up to it this year so I hacked out day 1 in - which is a delight but hardly new, QBasic is the first language I coded in!

But then @nihilazo started poking around in retroforth. Forth was high on my list but I didn't know what flavor to go with, so I gave retro a run, and it's nice, just enough bells and whistles to be approachable.

After porting over my initial solution to Forth and tearing my hair out over variable declarations, I took a fresh run at it with stacks in mind, and ended up with what I think is a pretty nice, tidy solution. Especially nice was that when I needed to clean up the stack to do the full solution rather than leave the whole list in memory, it was literally removing one word. Fun! Yay fedi folks!

Sometimes you figure out that you can speed up your solution with memoization, and then you get curious about /how much/ you sped it up and thus decide to run it without the memoization just to see, and then you end up here:

Okay, got some laundry to switch soon, but in like half an hour I'm gonna do some more with . I'm a few days behind, but probably gonna start on day 17 and then go from there!

I'll be live on my just after 8pm PT, hopefully!

Phew, I just completed "Handheld Halting" (Day 8 of ) and managed to be sort of clever about part two without resorting to brute force. My exceedingly inefficient program takes about half a second, which I'm calling good for the night.

Hanging out on the stream for an hour or so while working on day 8 (I'm behind a couple days). Let's build a recursive computer in ! Is it a good idea? Probably not, but we're doing it anyway

Okay, gearing up to tackle another couple days of in , and streaming it from my instance. Come on by and hang out and learn some Racket with me:

After @fribbledom and @gabek introduced me to it last night, I'm trying out to stream my adventures in . Come on over and check it out, and see if we can break anything:

Day 2 of and there was exactly one edge case I was getting wrong because I got a (>= x y) backwards. With that fixed, Part 1 is done ✅

After some mulling over new-to-me languages, I decided to take inspiration from @cwebber and attempt to do in this year. Save for some very rudimentary Gnu IMP scripting over a decade ago, I've never really used a family language, so this should be fun 🙈

Day 1 is up, and I'd be glad to hear any constructive feedback on the terrible things I'm doing to this language 😅

Just decided to put on Love Actually, my problematic fave, as background to day 25. It was the correct decision. "There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?!"

Day 23 has me finally diving into threads. Part 1 went great, but Part 2 is kicking my butt so far.

Doing some iterator stuff for day 16, so of course I did a `.take(5)` in one of my tests and now I've got the jazz standard stuck in my head:

Advent of Code day 15 

So is hitting that difficulty ramp-up I've heard about, I think. I'm still on Day 15, and my little robot has found the goal (I got lucky, it was against a wall so my simple wall-following algo found it), but it can't get back out because it's seeing walls where there aren't any 🤔

Top map is the walls it found during search, bottom map is the walls it found trying to return to the starting point. Hrmph.

I'm finally all caught up on ! Being unemployed at the moment has certainly helped my progress 😛

The hardest one for me so far was Day 12 Part 2, which I had skipped, but circled back around to tonight and finally figured it out. Phew!


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