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Update: realized I still have those CD's and, most surprisingly, know where they are! And turns out it was a whole set. All told:
- Debian 3.0r3 "Woody" (8 CD's)
- Suse 10.0 (5 CD's)
- Mandrake 10.1 (3 CD's)
- Xandros Desktop 3.0 (1 CD)

You can still see the sharpie underneath from before I put the labels on 😂

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Boy howdy, FreeCAD sure is an experience. Like, I'm getting the hang of it, and I know building a sensible UI for an app that does a million things is hard, but having to shuffle through a half-dozen modes to find the menu item I want sure is tiring.

And just now, I created a circle, added a radius constraint, typed "40" and clicked OK, which of course resulted in this ("40 mm" did no better). Because sure, 40mm is totally the same as 2.22*10^-308 mm.

reference explanation (Ferengi) 

"Ferengi" is a reference to a species in Star Trek that are a satire of capitalism and sexism in a larger society that is (purportedly) socialist and egalitarian.

In particular, Quark saying "females" in a particular disdainful tone, from this scene that really lays out the Ferengi views on gender roles:

Which led to this meme/image macro to capture what it often feels like when people refer to humans as male/female in casual conversation:

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Correction: my gender was _searching_ for ℰ, "googling" isn't even accurate because I double-checked and I was using DuckDuckGo as usual.

I've been trying to train myself out of using "google" as a synonym for "search" because I generally wish Google a very stop monopolizing the internet, and as demonstrated here, it's not even accurate for me most of the time. Heck!

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And in this instance it's especially silly, because the first two other interfaces I checked (Pinafore and Tusky) have entirely reasonable interfaces for this, both have dedicated and labelled "multiple choice" options, and neither have the radio buttons (because they're totally unnecessary for creating a poll!)

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shitpost, john mulaney, tumblr 

Oh good gracious, what is John Mulaney up to now??

I'm browsing the Tumblr trending page because I can't focus and keep forgetting I haven't logged into Tumblr on my work computer, and this is up on their trending list. It just links to the John Mulaney tag. I'm just gonna let this one lie for now.

eye contact, COVID 

Also we all make our own risk calculations, but for the record here's what I looked like in this masked + vax/tested show, because COVID continues to exist.

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Since I do my fair share of complaining about software design on here, here's a standout example of thoughtfully-designed software to balance things out.

BetterTouchTool is, among many other things, a hotkey manger/remapper, and is central to my effort to bend MacOS to my will and make it as Linux-y as possible.

One feature it has is changing how hotkeys are mapped depending on what application is focused. You do this by specifying various filters on several available window attributes, but knowing exactly what the values of those attributes are can be tricky.

So, when you have that configuration dialog open, there is a section at the bottom of the dialog that shows the value of all the available attributes for the window that is focused /at that moment/!

Today's was pretty fun. Only had six of the top 100 (and nothing above 963) when I stepped back and triangulated a bit and hit on the answer

So I was closing tabs and realized I meant to post this chart in this thread about musical keys but forgot, so gonna post it here because it's a delightful "tag yourself" image on its own.

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Still really enjoing , enough that I polished up my little I've been toying with and threw it up on GreasyFork:

So far it adds a cute little chart of your guesses for the day, and starts keeping history for your guesses in case you want to look back in the future.

We'll see how long it keeps my attention, but it does useful things now, so check it out if you're also playing. If you're not familiar with Userscripts, they're worth knowing about! I use TamperMonkey in Firefox to manage them, there are a few options out there, the homepage of GreasyFork (which is a place to share UserScripts) will point you in the right direction:

As an example, here's the chart of my 51 guesses for today. Higher is closer, blue dots are guesses, green dotted line is the closest guess up to that point.

Wordle 219 

Today was tricky, but I got lucky and had just enough information to stare at that third row for a bit and come up with the answer - and some post-game dictionary searching confirms that it is indeed the only possible word that would fit in the slot!

A fun one to puzzle out :D

Not every day you get to put up a PR with numbers like this. Here's to fixing the things that annoy you:


A bit of a journey today, but delighted by my third guess, both for the word and what it got me


Tougher go of it today, and made my accessible Wordle renderer render an actual image because it wasn't working on my phone.

I should probably add a URL to the image but for now it works slightly better now at

yet more griping about software and datetime fields 

Apparently I've done something to offend the chaos gods in charge of datestrings, because today I have to deal with DataDog's datestring parsing, which is significantly better, but has a glaring omission:

I'm searching my logs in DataDog and went to paste in an ISO8601 datetime into their time range control, and was met with an angry red box.

For those not familiar, ISO8601 is the most straightforward datetime format, and is basically universally used in logfiles.

If you had to pick only one datetime format to use, it's probably this one! See also xkcd:

And yet, not only do they not have ISO8601, they accept no year-month-day formats at all, but do accept numeric month-day-year.

However, if you want to supply a specific time, your only options are a Unix epoch timestamp, or supplying the name of the month. You can't even say "1-1-2022 11:22 pm", it's gotta be "Jan 1, 2022 11:22pm".


Wordle, bonus description generator preview 

Trying out the first iteration of my Wordle image + description generator, because of course I couldn't leave well enough alone.

I went to post this and then spent another hour tweaking it, and now it is 3am and way past my bedtime. If you wanna play with it yourself, it's over at

Anyway, this game is fun and I did good today (well, yesterday now, ssh)

Welp, @avocatto couldn't just let this one lie, and observed that with two-digit years, you've got Y2K problems, right?

You sure do. So I dug in: I figured they probably implemented the solution you use if for some reason HAVE to deal with two-digit dates (which they don't, but chose to anyway).

You just pick a number, and assume any dates before that number are 20xx, and after are 19xx. For something like JIRA where you're not really recording historical data, you can probably get away with this. You're not gonna have tickets opened before, like, 1980, maybe pick 1970 cause it's the epoch, there, you're future proof for 50 years.

So I went to test, and was surprised when 50 was interpreted as 1950...and a few astonished trials later: jimminy cricket on a bobsled, they chose nineteen-FORTY-TWO as the first year to assume is 19xx :blobthinkingeyes: :thonking:

I really, really wish I were making this up because I am at a loss as to how you even begin to end up here. Stumped.

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