I only recently got into vinyl, but the new album I got in the mail today is a good example of why I love it. Such a gorgeous physical medium for an art that is increasingly digital.

Cackling as I bring std::variant, std::visit, snprintf, and strtok into the list of things I am absolutely desecrating in this project. It really is becoming a monument to doing things in the worst way possible.

I was already intrigued by Hey but feeling like it was too one-size-fits-all for my needs, so with the big Basecamp "our employees aren't allowed to be people unless they like the status quo" nonsense, I'm doing a little, uh, reorganizing of my Fastmail to see if I can arrange it to better meet my needs without Hey:

By golly, it works! I'm venturing into FPGA-land, and managed to write and program a very basic program to my dev board. The program is literally this:

module buttons(
input [0:7] buttons,
output [0:7] leds
assign leds=buttons

Which simply connects each button to its respective LED. But the important part is I got it built, synthesized, placed and routed, and programmed! I even connected the ports to the right pins, and look! It does a thing!

So my HDL playing has been partially converting nand2tetris HDL into actual Verilog so that I can hopefully put it on an actual FPGA, and I've managed to get as far as loading my ALU into yosys and generating a nice diagram of it and y'all, it looks pretty rad! Check it out!

(Spoilers for I guess, don't look too closely if you don't want to know how I put my ALU together!)

It's still just utterly criminal that the metric names for the two smallest metric SMT resistor sizes have the EXACT SAME NAME (0402, 0603) as the imperial names for the third- and fourth-largest sizes.

Truly next-level unit fuckery, I might hate this even more than I hate the very idea of mils as a unit.

geography meme, 50 states challenge 

Here's a blank map if you wanna play along. I pulled this one from Wikipedia, the one going around is frankly terrible - the borders are simplified past the point of reason, and they left off the two non-contiguous states.

Other pairs that I imagine are common confusions but didn't make my list because of personal experience:

Washington/Oregon (I've lived in one or the other since I was 3yo)
Arizona/New Mexico (visited grandparents in Arizona)
Kentucky/Tennessee (born in TN, family in KY)

Another one I know but have to think about is Montana/Wyoming, because they're the two big empty states, but the mountains in Montana always get me to the right place (plus I drove through it on a roadtrip a couple years back, so now it's really in there). Similarly I get the names of Maryland and Massachusetts confused, but only if I'm not thinking about it.

Any other fun confusion pairs I missed? Ohio/Iowa? How well would y'all do?

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I made a thing! I had a weird space where I wanted a media shelf and couldn't find anything that fit the bill, but I had some 2x4's and plywood lying around, so I did some math and made this shelf, and it turned out great. It's not very pretty, but it's functional, and I feel very accomplished!

It's almost done though! It's on the last iteration right now, so based on the trend of time between steps growing a little slower than doubling, it should be done by early next week. This weekend, if I'm lucky!

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Sometimes you figure out that you can speed up your solution with memoization, and then you get curious about /how much/ you sped it up and thus decide to run it without the memoization just to see, and then you end up here:

The cat in question. Sorry for the crappy quality, this was taken with my webcam because, again, didn't want to get up to get my phone

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scrabble nonsense, humblebrag but not really, I'm just okay and lucky 

The game in question - for those not familiar with WF, my last four words have made good use of TW, DW, TW, and TL bonus tiles, respectively.

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Days since I forgot that sqrt(3) is less than 2 and did a bunch of math based on on 30-60-90 triangles wrong: 0

Just found a spreadsheet in my Google Sheets titled "What do I want to do with my life" that I didn't remember making, so I opened it up to see what I had been planning, and...

A blessing from Bobby McGee this morning: less doomscrolling, more snoozing.

So I got BeatSaber set up again...give you two guesses as to when I played today 😄

Friendship ended with all other words, LOGGY is my new best friend

Today's programming mood: one of the two hardest problems indeed

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