I made a thing! I had a weird space where I wanted a media shelf and couldn't find anything that fit the bill, but I had some 2x4's and plywood lying around, so I did some math and made this shelf, and it turned out great. It's not very pretty, but it's functional, and I feel very accomplished!

It's almost done though! It's on the last iteration right now, so based on the trend of time between steps growing a little slower than doubling, it should be done by early next week. This weekend, if I'm lucky!

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Sometimes you figure out that you can speed up your solution with memoization, and then you get curious about /how much/ you sped it up and thus decide to run it without the memoization just to see, and then you end up here:

The cat in question. Sorry for the crappy quality, this was taken with my webcam because, again, didn't want to get up to get my phone

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scrabble nonsense, humblebrag but not really, I'm just okay and lucky 

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Days since I forgot that sqrt(3) is less than 2 and did a bunch of math based on on 30-60-90 triangles wrong: 0

Just found a spreadsheet in my Google Sheets titled "What do I want to do with my life" that I didn't remember making, so I opened it up to see what I had been planning, and...

A blessing from Bobby McGee this morning: less doomscrolling, more snoozing.

So I got BeatSaber set up again...give you two guesses as to when I played today 😄

Friendship ended with all other words, LOGGY is my new best friend

Today's programming mood: one of the two hardest problems indeed

Big code review mood here

(this is a comment on my code, which I have since reworked, ha)

Just opened up the house to get the cool air coming in overnight, and Bobby the cat is sniffing curiously at the fresh air. I love this perfect man.

profanity, amusing 

Fooling around with an, uh, ambitious project to build a tool to facilitate online song circles that's basically "just" Jitsi + a virtual delay pedal (oh, and syncing up everyone else's tracks 😅)

I have a vague plan that seems possible, but I am unsure whether or not it's remotely practical.

So far I have an app that makes your webcam blink grey at an interval determined by your clicking, which is...something!

@tripofmice Tag adding notwithstanding, this is extremely rad! I was able to sign up and add a review and everything went as expected. Now to see what else I can break 😄

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@tripofmice Okay, got the static stuff figured out, I was trying to be too fancy having my external nginx handle it.

I've already hit upon my first reason this is a test instance 😄

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Sat down to catch up on some book reivews and instead ended up taking another run at getting my own test instance of @tripofmice's set up. The new docker setup made things a snap, and I even got my Nginx config (mostly) right on the first try!

Always a little surprising when I enter a URL in my browser and something like this comes up without a bunch of fiddling!

Now to see about those static assets...

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