That moment when you find a GitHub repo doing what you want to do that hasn't been updated in over a decade, so you check out the forks to see if anyone has updated it, only to find that literally the only fork with any changes is the one *you* made...eleven years ago 😑

So yeah...if anyone has a good solution for automatically vinyl (e.g. picking it up on a microphone and running it through a fingerprinter), let me know 😅

Also, an addendum that "automatically" is key here - I am already aware of Universal Scrobbler and have used it extensively, and just found VinylScrobbler which also seems good, but both require me to a) think about scrobbling and b) do a whole-ass context switch from putting the album on, which means my manual scrobbling is...inconsistent.

Barcoding would probably help a little in reducing the friction there, but that's a whole other project that requires maintenance, and is not nearly as shiny to boot 😄

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@cincodenada which is easier, sounds recognition or image recognition?

is there room to mount a camera above your turntable?

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