That moment when you find a GitHub repo doing what you want to do that hasn't been updated in over a decade, so you check out the forks to see if anyone has updated it, only to find that literally the only fork with any changes is the one *you* made...eleven years ago 😑

So yeah...if anyone has a good solution for automatically vinyl (e.g. picking it up on a microphone and running it through a fingerprinter), let me know 😅

Complicating factor I have confirmed after attempting to use PanoScrobbler's integration with Auto Shazam: my turntable is a bit dodgy and is not, uh, exactly on point on the RPM, so like, I should fix that sure, but I don't know what the margin of error on fingerprinting is even if I do get it better tuned.

I actually do have a half-finished attempt at calculating my own fingerprints from my personal library (since most of my vinyl albums I also have in MP3 as well), which might be more amenable to adjustments to make it more tolerant to droopy turntables, but I don't think it's working for un-wobbly music at the moment, and I've got other things to do tonight, so, the problem lives another day.

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