Current gender: googling "cursive upper-case E"


Correction: my gender was _searching_ for ℰ, "googling" isn't even accurate because I double-checked and I was using DuckDuckGo as usual.

I've been trying to train myself out of using "google" as a synonym for "search" because I generally wish Google a very stop monopolizing the internet, and as demonstrated here, it's not even accurate for me most of the time. Heck!

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tangent, silly, my search history, adhd 

While I'm scrolling through my web history, here's a fairly-complete history of my web searches from yesterday (all originating from DDG, for the record).

These are in chronological order and unedited other than the selection process, and I omitted all the boring tech searches for my actual job and anything boringly personal:

puppeteers known space
eponymous !w
!wt compris
vacuum sprayer nozzle regulations portland
backflow assembly tub
backflow assembly tub !g
portland water bureau
portland backflow requirements
honda element by model year !gi
2003 honda element
2004 honda element
2005 honda element
2006 honda element
2003 vs 2004 honda element
how to tell a 2005 honda element
cursive e
cursive q
cursive letters upper case
marzocchi dog
kinds of dogs a-z
mucuchies whippet
mahratta whippet
!w marquesan dog
majorca whippet
mini mum bike rack
just get dancy
don't get fancy just get dancy

So uh, yeah...that's about what it's like to live in my brain 😅

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