Well that's a new one...just ran out of pid's on OS X. Exciting times!

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details on my pid adventures 

Used what browser processes I had running already to track down the error message and figure out what it meant. Then using the Activity Monitor I forunately already had running, discovered that some runaway Nvim plugin had spawned tens of thousands of node processes.

Managed to free enough processes to run a pkill -f command and get things back to normal. Phew!

@cincodenada Yikes. I haven't seen something like that since I stopped running the machines the students who were learning about fork & exec used to forkbomb to death.

What did you *do*?

@nomad I see you saw the reply - just checked it out and it looks like the culprit is `null-ls` starting a new instance of `eslint_d` every time I reload the buffer 😬

Which doesn't couple well with the fact that have a habit of using `:e` far more often than strictly necessary as a sort of "refresh" for some reason 😅

Now off to see if an update fixes anything...

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