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Okay so I just went to create a multiple-choice poll and hot damn if that's not a totally undiscoverable interface, I was flummoxed for much longer than I should have been.

(For those who haven't encountered this, you have just guess that clicking on the radio buttons next to the poll will change them to checkboxes :blobfacepalm:)

I'm grimly unsurprised that Eugene pooh-poohed this exact complaint already (because multiple-choice polls are "not a priority" and it would make the interface "too complex", and it's fine as "an easter egg"):

I have a bone to pick with a definition of "complex" that results in hiding basic features behind UX mechanisms that are impenetrable to the average user, creating a two-tiered experience where nerds like me who are steeped in How Computers Work get to have extra "easter egg" features like...allowing people to choose more than one poll option 🙄

And in this instance it's especially silly, because the first two other interfaces I checked (Pinafore and Tusky) have entirely reasonable interfaces for this, both have dedicated and labelled "multiple choice" options, and neither have the radio buttons (because they're totally unnecessary for creating a poll!)

I don't have screenshots, but from looking at the source of glitch-soc it seems like they also have a reasonable interface for this. Looks like Hometown uses the stock Mastodon interface, but I just filed an issue to look into improving on that.

In the spirit of not complaining without trying to fix it, I also intend to comment on the Mastodon issue, but right now my brain is tired of digging into this so that will have to wait for a bit.

@cincodenada glitch-soc is kinda wonkey because the option's text is too long in most layouts, but yeah

for the record, i implemented the “easter egg” thing after Gargron refused to make it a proper dedicated control to “not clutter the interface”

@Claire @cincodenada Maybe taking inspiration from Pinafore or Tusky’s wording would help with glitch-soc interface

@cincodenada Since I complained about this, I moved to Pleroma for my instance (and kept it because it's easier to maintain and customize than Mastodon). On Pleroma there is a combobox to choose between single choice or multiple choices. So it seems that only Mastodon keeps it as an easter egg feature.

Not only Eugen's UI choice for polls is not intuitive, his reaction shows that he doesn't really care about Mastodon's users, especially when they question his designs.

@cincodenada haha what, i had no idea this existed!

Is this good UX?

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