Hey Masto, looking for instance recs for a new alt, for more gendery/trans posting, and for following the same.

- Queer and/or trans(-femme) focused (not necessarily exclusively)
- Cool with nb transfemme folks
- Smallish-to-medium sized (~5k ish users or less?)
- Bonus: some of my follows already there
- Joinable, of course (invite/by request is great)

If you want more criteria, check my reply to this post. I put a poll with the two big-ish instaces that seem to fit in case y'all have opinions about them, but if you have specific recs/experience (with these or others!) then reply away. Thanks! :blobthumbsup: :boost_ok:

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more details, because brevity is not my strength 

Firstly apologies if you were the person who voted on an earlier version of this post, I am an inveterate delete-and-redraft-er.

Anyway. Goals from a different angle, I'm looking for:
- A protected acct that's somewhat less connected to the rest of my internet identity
- A local timeline that's more specifically gendery/trans
- Somewhere to post my own more gendery/trans posts that don't quite fit on my main
- An acct from which to follow/interact with other folks' alts

I'm yet another transfemme techie/maker, so I would fit in places that hit that overlap, but am not specifically seeking that out (and would prioritize the trans/queer side).

Sizewise, I just want enough folks that I'm not the center of attention as the new kid, and that the local timeline has stuff going by.

Still pretty tentative/wary of being put in any particular trans/gender boxes, so an instance that's not cool with e.g. bi/pan lesbians or nb lesbians is probs not gonna be my jam.

more details, because brevity is not my strength 

@cincodenada hi, is specifically aimed at people like you (and me), if you’re interested. I’m the admin.

more details, because brevity is not my strength 

@cincodenada we have about 30 users, it’s pretty small.

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