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As I shaved this morning I had the phrase "I hope I cut myself shaving tomorrow" flit through my brain. Later while tidying I put on the new copy of Tallahassee I got at the Mountain Goats show the other night and realized where it came from 😄


Also I knew this already but damn this is a good album, and John Darnielle has an uncanny ability to put together incredible and absurd phrases in the most nonchalant way possible.

Like, sure, yeah your love is like the border between Greece and Albania. Their love is like a cyclone in a swamp. Of course the sun peeks through the curtains like a killer through a curtain. The cellar door is an open throat.

Huge crows loitering by the curb; the shrieking of inumerable gibbons; your eyes, twin volcanoes. How come there's peacocks in the front yard?

They're all just in there as if they're totally banal, everyday lyrics and I love it.

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