One of my favorite things about open-source software is that if something really grinds my gears, much of the time I can fix it!

Relatedly: A pox on commit linting configurations that unceremoniously discard your carefully-composed commit message if they don't like it, without so much as a hint as to where you might get it back! 💢

And, credit where it is due: props to the Sequelize team for being impressively on top of the PR queue, one of the best turnarounds from frustrated to a merged fix I've had yet! 🎉

Next up, figuring out how to take this complaint up the ladder to commitlint itself, because this is hardly the only project where I've been burned by this.


Also, in case anyone else runs into this: firstly, my condolences. Secondly, your commit message is in .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG - here's a good post on how to make a local setup to easily recover it:

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