So we're just into straight-up Regular Winter now, but I haven't taken my tree down yet so I'm still fiddling around with the WS2811 programmable lights I put on it.

Updates since last time:
- You can save and load trees by name, so you can make your perfect tree and then load it whenever you want (this is locally stored in your browser)
- Animation! A lot of background nonsense in the Arduino code, but there are now three animation options: "running" along the string, and sweeping up/down.
- Added links to source and things on the tree page
- Added a "now playing" indicator to the stream for when I have background music

Just turned the tree on again this morning, so it's up to play with at, or watch on my at


Small update: on consideration, added a "Slow Mode" button so you can put a temporary global speed limit on tree animations, in case folks who are sensitive to flashing lights want to check it out.

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