Welp, just discovered I somehow managed to compose a runaway `jq` script that has been running for the last 24 hours, happily generating a 292GB (and counting) summary of 1.8MB of source data 😅

We'll give that one another go then, shall we?


Upon inspection it appears that `.arr[].field1 as $var1 | .arr[].field2 as $var2` is actually a nested loop, and I was doing four levels of that...meaning I turned 1000 items into 1000000000000 items - that's a trillion, aka turning a kilobyte into terabyte.

So, uh...yeah, that math works out. Whoopsie daisy!

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For those following along at home, `.arr[] | .field1 as $var1 | .field2 as $var2` is what I actually wanted, which ran in under a second and generated the 1.9MB summary that I wanted.

It's still (just barely) bigger than the source data, but that's because in retrospect "summary" was a bad word choice, it's actually more of a denormalization.

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