Yeah it's the new year, but there's still a few Days of Christmas yet, so I'm still tinkering with my programmable tree lights.

Stop on by and change the colors on my tree:

There you'll find my ever-evolving tree-painting interface, and an embedded livestream courtesy of !

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I've been pondering ways to allow folks to ~animate~ the lights, but I have other things I need to get done tonight so that'll have to wait.

But things I did accomplish today:
- Added a rotation slider
- Made the right-side tree look a little more 3D
- Tree state now autosaves to your localstorage, so it'll be there when you refresh/come back
- Added camera icons to show where the cameras are placed around the tree
- Fixed bug where brush size didn't actually have any effect

Oh, and added more explanatory text! Documentation is important!

@cincodenada i just accidentally found your stream via the owncast site, could NOT resist having a go at making a rainbow and was very pleased to find out you were already on Hello there!

@LazyTechsupport Oops, started to reply and then got distracted! Anyway, looks like you were the last person to change them before I turned things off last night, so it was still a rainbow when I turned them on this morning, which was a nice surprise. And your handiwork made it into the stream announcement post this morning 😄

Hello! How fun to meet a fellow denizen in such a roundabout way, thanks for checking it out, it's been a fun project!

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