Current yak stack:
- (Working on actual project)
- Hmm, it's quiet I want background music
- Pick music
- Music I want not in my music library
- Buy music from 7digital
- j/k already bought it just gotta download it
- I should redeem these music download cards at the same time
- Oh no, I can't download this album because my root partition is too small and full again
- I should really resize that partition
- Okay, gotta move stuff off of the adjacent partition to make room

I've also started boiling water for my tea three times this morning, but I also unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, so hey, progress!

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Update: I appear to have at least three copies of Gnome and KDE installed. Thanks, snap and flatpak! Disk space is cheap, right!?? Sigh.

To be fair, I also just found out I have 60GB of photos that may or may not ever have been uploaded to OpenStreetCam (now KartaView) on said adjacent partition,, I also have myself to blame here.

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