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Okay, I'm several days behind in and I have a little time before I should get to bed, so let's start at day 7 and go backwards, shall we?

As usual, streaming at my server. Come hang out while I grumble at for a bit!


Update: it is past when I should have gone to bed, and I successfully...managed to read the CSV input file 🙃

But we're learning! Slowly! Now to bed to fall asleep thinking about crab submarines.

Thanks to the folks who stopped by to say hi!

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@cincodenada I keep getting frustrated by how long it takes me to get off the blocks. Every night it's the same story.

@cincodenada Oh hey, you're the first person I've seen (besides me) who is doing #adventofcode in Forth! Outside of the streams, are you putting solution-videos or code anywhere? I am quite interested to compare notes. I have walkthroughs and pForth (ANS Standard Forth) code up at:

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