My home directory was unexpectedly full, so I went hunting for large files, and found a bunch of OBS recordings I didn't remember making. Upon investigation, they were all just of the OBS interface itself faithfully ticking up the "time recorded" counter, the longest of which was a 10-hour overnight extravaganza taking up several gigs.

I *had* recently set up keyboard shortcuts to start/stop recording, but I was still unsure how I had been accidentally hitting Ctrl+[ a bunch.

Fast forward to today, and it dawned on me as I went to search backwards in a tmux buffer that if I was a little too hasty with Ctrl-a [, I imagine it would look an awful lot like a Ctrl+[ to OBS 😆😅

It's either that, or I left OBS up and my cat kept stepping on the living room keyboard 🤷


Anyway, this is the video I set up the shortcuts for, it's a little peek at my latest hyperfocus side project that I sent to a friend. This project has been my excuse to play with Rust some more, this time diving into GUIs. It's nothing exciting yet, but it's been fun!

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