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Today in troubleshooting successes: a coworker deployed my new pre-release code to staging yesterday, and then was very alarmed about it being broken. So I spent most of the day trying to figure out why the new queueing system I'm building was going haywire and doing several jobs per second (instead of 12 every 5 minutes)...

...turns out we hadn't been keeping much of an eye on the staging version previously, and the "problem" was that for the last week we had been accidentally creating 12 jobs every 5 _seconds_ instead of 5 _minutes_, which was about twice what the processor could handle (due to other bugs in the processor).

So, when we deployed the new code, we had a backlog of nearly a million jobs to chew through, and the fixed processor chewed through them _very_ fast, which was very alarming when we didn't know what was happening (where did all these jobs come from???) but in retrospect is exactly what should have happened. Phew!


Also: I am always weighing how to balance jargon vs overexplaining, because I am wordy as-is, and jargon is useful for expressing common things within a field concisely.

The problem is jargon is also exclusionary, and I want anyone who is curious to be able to understand. I firmly believe that it's not about being "smart enough", it's about having the necessary context, and I can help with that!

So, If my posts don't make sense because of jargon or whatever but you're curious, please ask! I'm happy to elaborate, I love sharing understanding starting with whatever level of familiarity folks are coming from 🤗

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