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So today I went to my favorite coffee stand, in a pretty masc (for me) presentation - I was wearing dusty-plum jeans and a forest-green hoodie with the hood up, long hair down to mid-chest poking out on either side of my face, week-old ratty painted nails, blue men's Vans, large-checkered socks.

On the way back I made glancing eye contact with someone in the passenger seat of a truck before I crossed in front of it, who then after evaluating me briefly shouted out the window something along the lines of "you're a dude! that's a dude!!"

The main effect of which was me thinking "Damn, this person feels the need to aggressively police my gender when I'm at basically my minimum level of genderfuckery? I must be doing something right!"

Like, it's shitty and I'm sure it gets old fast, but also I've historically passed as cishet and don't get that much flak first-hand, so bigotry has so far mostly served to chip away at my queer impostor syndrome 馃槄


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Also in case it wasn't clear enough, this is not to say anything about how anyone should or should not respond to bigotry, this is just observing my experience as someone who is still relatively new to being visibly queer.

That said, this also echoes a time years ago when I was holding hands with a guy I was dating and got heckled about Adam and Steve (get new material y'all!) and it also had a similar effect in affirming my bi-ness.

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