Adventures in unifying all my messaging streams with bridges: due to a not-really-bug in the SMS bridge, I managed to import 13000 text messages into my Matrix instance yesterday leading to 2k+ unread threads. I did want to get more of an archive in there, but due to an actual bug, the messages are in the right order but every single one of my replies is marked as being sent today.

Time for some bughunting and issue filing...

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theoretical not-bug details 

My working theory on the "not-really-bug" here is that the "Maximum age of chats to sync in days" setting in mautrix-imessage, at least with the Android wrapper actually turns on some sort of "thread last-modified" date rather than last message sent.

I imagine those are usually the same, but if you got a new phone last week and just imported all your text messages, then _all_ your text messages are counted as a week old, and badda bing badda boom, off you go 🔥

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