linux fun, ulimits 

Linux tip: if you want to run a command that might get out of hand, you can use `prlimit` to set process-specific limits to keep it in line.

So if you're, say, trying to build a Verilog project that might have some exponential nesting if you do it wrong, instead of running `make dangerous.vvp`, you can run:

prlimit --as=10000000000 make dangerous.vvp

Then when it gets greedy and tries to address more than 10GB(ish) of memory, malloc will refuse and it'll crash instead of bogging your system to a standstill until you manage to get a kill command thrown at it.

There are plenty of limits to be had, `man prlimit` will tell you about them. Heads up though, while --as (address-space) is a rather blunt weapon, the more reasonable --rss limit is not honored on many systems, including mine, apparently. prlimit doesn't warn you about this, but the ulimit section of `man bash` does.

Also if you don't know what's going on here, I'm skipping a lot of details - happy to elaborate if you're curious!


linux fun, ulimits 

Why are prlimit's memory sizes in bytes if ulimit's sizes are in kilobytes? I don't know! But testing bears out that that is the case.

Also, like, yeah this is a mess, but that's the whole point of this project, so it fits right in 馃槃

For extra wonkiness, why not bake the prlimit right into your makefile? You know I did!

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