Okay Fediverse, what Linux distro should I hop to next?

Target is my should-be-mostly-functional laptop (Thinkpad T460). It currently has Linux Mint 18 (!) on it, and is due for a refresh. History: my older, okay-if-it's-a-little-broken laptop is currently running Arch, and was Slackware before that. Desktop is Xubuntu, in-home server is Fedora.

For this one, looking for something with reasonable package management and stability, vaguely on the less fiddly side but not totally opposed to fiddling. Otherwise, pretty open.

I've been hearing a lot these days. Is still cool? I don't know where it lies on the fiddly spectrum. Is a distro or a package manager?? Is functional yet? I haven't been keeping up that much on Linux distros lately and I don't know what the scene is, so stump for your faves 😄



Oh, and if it's helpful context, I have a keyboard-driven workflow, so window managers are not a huge selling point cause I'll probably rip it out. All my computers that have window managers are running i3 with some xfce bits, I think.

I do appreciate having decent GUI apps for things, for instance the computer in question currently doesn't have any low-battery warnings or shutdown/sleep because I'm lazy, so if that comes free I wouldn't mind!

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