After explaining how the moon's movement in the sky works to a friend over literally dozens of Instagram voice messages, my 32yo ass woke up this morning thinking about trying my hand at actually posting on TikTok, more or less Hank Green style with a little Abraham Piper for style. Heaven help me.

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(If you don't know who either of those people are, Hank is a Gen X science educator and author John Green's brother, Abraham is an old-millenial exvangelical armchair philosopher who also makes and sells jigsaw puzzles, and is the son of very prominent fundamentalist John Piper. They both have a self-aware, conversational/inviting kind of presence on TikTok that I appreciate)

(Also I just checked and it is actually only 22 voice messages, but I still haven't covered tides, axial tilt, or projected analemmas yet and 1.83 dozen basically counts as "dozens" anyway, right?)

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