I made a thing! I had a weird space where I wanted a media shelf and couldn't find anything that fit the bill, but I had some 2x4's and plywood lying around, so I did some math and made this shelf, and it turned out great. It's not very pretty, but it's functional, and I feel very accomplished!

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feelings, music, tangential sadposting 

Also when I was selecting a track from Getting Into Knives to accompany this photo on Instagram, I again came across this lyric in Picture of my Dress, which is about an ended relationship: "I only wore it once / nine years ago / nine years and seven months"

And I realized (again) that the stated timeline was strangely close to how long ago my recently-ended relationship started, so I actually did the math: I'm officially 11 days short of being nine years and seven months out from that, which feels eminently appropriate as we close the book on this year.

Also, lordy that song and album are good. Lyrically, Picture of my Dress is probably my favorite on the album. It's excellent.

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