After @fribbledom and @gabek introduced me to it last night, I'm trying out to stream my adventures in . Come on over and check it out, and see if we can break anything:

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(If that URL doesn't work yet, the DNS is still propagating, but you should be able to hit directly!)

Update: restarted the server to upgrade to the lastest master to see if that fixes chat.

@cincodenada @gabek

Nice one! You may wanna try the latest git master, maybe that helps with your chat issue, too.

Minor config changes (logo setting e.g.), but the example config files are up-to-date.

@cincodenada @fribbledom Hey! Seems like your chat is stuck offline. Are you using a proxy such as NGINX? If so, you might need to explicitly support Websockets in your config. might help.


Please check your DMs, I've provided a bunch of useful info there 😄

@fribbledom Oh my, thanks! These are good to know - I'm restarted on latest master now :)

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