Finally listening to I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats, and it's already very good. They're touching on a thing I've posted about, which is the unique power writing, music and otherwise, has for connection:

John Green: "There's a thing that music does really really well which is that when you're alone and scared and you feel unheard or unhearable, great music, the right music for you, can make you feel less alone and can make you understand that whatever you're going through is not unprecedented, and is not without people who feel compassionately towards you even if they're very far away and even if they maybe don't know you that their love for you is genuine and can reach across space."


John Darnielle, agreeing in response: "When I was a child, reading the authors that I loved and listening to the music that I loved, the thing I got from that is what you're describing, that feeling of being understood somehow, by a stranger, and that weird connection, where it's not the person, it's not the stranger, it's the thing they've made that opens this space for self-reflection, for being able to see yourself through an outside eye."

Also, TIL I've been mispronouncing John Darnielle's name for years, sorry buddy (in case anyone else is in the same boat, it's Dar-NEEL, not Darn-YELL)

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