Great: having your computer plugged into an uninterruptible power supply so it doesn't get turned off when you try to run the toaster and microwave at the same time and flip a breaker

Not so great: accidentally turning off your computer when you're working on it because your fiddly feet like sitting on the warm UPS and feeling out the grooves and indents on it, including the power button 🤦‍♂️


I will note I've tapped the power button with my toes many times before, but this is the first time I held it down long enough to actually power off. So this was inevitable, really.

@cincodenada ahaha oh no. you need a mollyguard. joelguard :)

@relsqui 😄 I think in practice, that would just be one more thing for my toes to fiddle with and thus be self-defeating. Flip, flap, flip, flap, flip, flap...

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