Today's adventures in code: implementing a bespoke parser for an extremely limited subset of SVG's path specification because why the heck not

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Relevant gripe: the fact that in "shift" is spelled "pop(0)" and "push" is spelled "append" will never fail to trip me up

Oh right, also "switch(x)" being spelled "if" (or worse, "{case: 'result'}.get(x, default)")

I've at least finally internalized that join() is a method on the separator string, not the array. 🤷‍♂️ I'll take the wins I can get!

@cincodenada I totally agree but would also find shift equally forgettable which if anything illustrates the design problem they were facing

@relsqui Yeah, I suppose I should clarify these are gripes very much tied to my particular language background!

To get unnecessarily verbose: I of course favor the verbs native to the languages I happened to cut my teeth on (Perl and PHP, which started as a set of Perl scripts).

This is especially true for "shift" which is, agreed, a weird verb. Having "pop" but not "push" is a little weirder to me, but also "append" is more accessible to folks not familiar with increasingly-obscure stack paradigms.

All in all, I can't complain, I think given Python's goals as a language they're all solid decisions!

@cincodenada I didn't know that about php's history but it explains a lot! I guess I did know that one back in the day, but it's been a minute

@cincodenada er, second "know that" was re the syntax, I neglected to put enough of that thought into the sentence to actually make it make sense, heh

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