I'm finally all caught up on ! Being unemployed at the moment has certainly helped my progress 😛

The hardest one for me so far was Day 12 Part 2, which I had skipped, but circled back around to tonight and finally figured it out. Phew!

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I'm doing in in , because I've been meaning to check it out for a while, and I'm applying to work at Mozilla so I figured now is as good a time as any. It's been super interesting to work with so far...I think I like it!

For those curious, all my code is up at - bear in mind it's pretty slapdash, because a) all I need is an answer and b) I am learning Rust as I go!

They're also completely unoptimized, and I'm sure very inefficient. Maybe now that I'm caught up I'll spend some cycles trying to speed things up.

@cincodenada oh no, this reminded me that I forgot to start. I can probably catch up now that I'm through finals, but it won't be easy :(

@cincodenada congratulations catching up yourself though!

@keina I've really enjoyed it so far! The nice thing about catching up is that you can jump around a bit if you're getting stuck/frustrated - only about half of the problems depend on previous work, the other half are pretty standalone.

@cincodenada I enjoyed it last year until I fell behind the last couple days! I know the problems are well-designed and often right at the edge of my skill level. I don't tend to get stuck, only frustrated on problems that seem tedious. It's very late where I am so I should probably start catching up tomorrow, but I fully intend to.

@keina Yeah, this is my first year actually doing it. So far I haven't found any of them too tedious, which is nice.

It's pretty late here too, I'm just bad at reasonable bedtimes. Starting on it tomorrow seems like a very reasonable decision. Hope it goes well when you get to it!

@cincodenada Thanks! The problems becoming tedious last year only happened in the last week or so, and it was likely only tedious because I approached the problem in a slightly questionable way. Day 19 stuck out to me a lot in particular for this.

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