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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank @chr and @nightpool for their effective and thoughtful moderation and communication, and for creating this lovely space that was my first true home on Mastodon, and for being so graceful and generous in sunsetting it. has been a wonderful and reliable place to reside the last three and half years, and will always be my first home. Thank you for the gift of this community, and for giving us all ample space to find new homes. This is what the fediverse is about and y'all are the best :blobheart:

Here's to :cybre:

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I guess the redirect solves this, but I popped back in for a minute in case any followers didn't get migrated: this account is now at @c9a - see you over there!

One of these days I'll learn that whenever the body of a commit message starts with "Also" that is a pretty surefire sign that it should actually be two commits.

On a related note, I should see about getting my `git split` script merged upstream.

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Fediverse, I need your help. One of our rats chewed a big hole in the back of the tshirt I was wearing while we were watching TV because she is a rascal. It was one of my favorites: black with “LET TRANS WOMEN LIVE” on it in white. Since I bought it 5 years ago, the person who designed it pulled it from the site I bought it from.

I aim to buy 2 new explicitly trans affirmative tshirts (I was in the market for another already). Send me links with cool designs?

In the past I have been very happy with Cotton Bureau’s shirts (and that’s where I got the rat-holed one), but just this evening I wasn’t much impressed with what they have up (or already own them).

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I made a small improvement to how toots are unfurled in Slack. Previously, Slack collapsed all whitespace (left).

With the change, the newlines are preserved (right).

This will be rolling out to Slack teams over the next few weeks. Hopefully it makes linking to toots in Slack a bit more pleasant!

Also, an addendum that "automatically" is key here - I am already aware of Universal Scrobbler and have used it extensively, and just found VinylScrobbler which also seems good, but both require me to a) think about scrobbling and b) do a whole-ass context switch from putting the album on, which means my manual scrobbling is...inconsistent.

Barcoding would probably help a little in reducing the friction there, but that's a whole other project that requires maintenance, and is not nearly as shiny to boot 😄

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Complicating factor I have confirmed after attempting to use PanoScrobbler's integration with Auto Shazam: my turntable is a bit dodgy and is not, uh, exactly on point on the RPM, so like, I should fix that sure, but I don't know what the margin of error on fingerprinting is even if I do get it better tuned.

I actually do have a half-finished attempt at calculating my own fingerprints from my personal library (since most of my vinyl albums I also have in MP3 as well), which might be more amenable to adjustments to make it more tolerant to droopy turntables, but I don't think it's working for un-wobbly music at the moment, and I've got other things to do tonight, so, the problem lives another day.

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That moment when you find a GitHub repo doing what you want to do that hasn't been updated in over a decade, so you check out the forks to see if anyone has updated it, only to find that literally the only fork with any changes is the one *you* made...eleven years ago 😑

So yeah...if anyone has a good solution for automatically vinyl (e.g. picking it up on a microphone and running it through a fingerprinter), let me know 😅

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friend is doing a survey attempting to get figures on names chosen or kept by trans people

pls vote and boost if u feel like it
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RT 🐦🔗

Our moment is finally here! The 2022 U.S. Trans Survey is now open for all to take TODAY. Want to make a difference in just 60 minutes? Join thousands of other trans people in taking the survey:

Today in gender: filing three separate support tickets with my company's HR platform about ways in which their efforts to handle gender and pronouns fall short

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@ifixcoinops @dajb The wild thing to me is that this isn’t even a buried lede in Disney’s park designs. Walt himself spent years on national TV proselytizing the EPCOT vision that the US could *plan* walkable/livable cities (of tomorrow) IF IT WANTED TO. Back when EPCOT was an acronym for “Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow”. Today there’s a park named Epcot (not an acronym) at Walt Disney World as this sort of sad reminder that we the US didn’t care to try.

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All the bike lanes in the Netherlands
i'm so fucking jealous this is litterally the entire country

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I want to be able to input a spreadsheet where each row is a species (or whatever individual specimen), and the columns are identifying properties (flower colour, leaf size, whatever) - and then have the program produce the most efficient order/arrangement for an ID key.

So it would ideally ignore and eliminate properties that weren't useful, and would put the rest in an order that made the shortest key for the most species.

Does it exist?? Or does everyone just do it manually every time 😬

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Is there such thing as a program which can generate dichotomous keys from something like a csv containing all the properties of each option?

When I try searching I just find graphic design programs, which are solving a different problem.

#botany #botanist #taxonomy

Update on how my relationship with inanimate objects is going: I just said "Ya know, you're really yucking my yum" out loud to a cable management loop on a monitor stand.

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"Clothes matter. Clothes are part of how you learn to feel like yourself, and not someone who just happens to look like you."

-- "Come Tumbling Down"

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