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Also: I am always weighing how to balance jargon vs overexplaining, because I am wordy as-is, and jargon is useful for expressing common things within a field concisely.

The problem is jargon is also exclusionary, and I want anyone who is curious to be able to understand. I firmly believe that it's not about being "smart enough", it's about having the necessary context, and I can help with that!

So, If my posts don't make sense because of jargon or whatever but you're curious, please ask! I'm happy to elaborate, I love sharing understanding starting with whatever level of familiarity folks are coming from 🤗

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any #gamedev person that built a simple #GameBoyAdvance game here?
Is it free-software? can I read?

reference explanation (Ferengi) 

"Ferengi" is a reference to a species in Star Trek that are a satire of capitalism and sexism in a larger society that is (purportedly) socialist and egalitarian.

In particular, Quark saying "females" in a particular disdainful tone, from this scene that really lays out the Ferengi views on gender roles:

Which led to this meme/image macro to capture what it often feels like when people refer to humans as male/female in casual conversation:

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elaboration on my experience with past gender 

Haven't figured out exactly how to talk about past-me, only that rewriting all of past-me's gender to be present-me's gender doesn't feel accurate and I do not like it!

Many trans folks would totally describe themselves as having always been e.g. a girl/woman, which is totally legit, it's just not my experience, and that's rad because everyone's experience of gender is different!

What that means for me is that "when Ell was (presenting (as a dude/man)/masc)/going by Joel" all feel fine to me, at least right now. Using "male/female" I dislike mainly because referring to humans by "sex" in general just feels a little...Ferengi to me 😅

Anyway, see above, I'm not striving for comprehensible here, but I am happy to entertain good-faith questions and curiosities all the same!

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I speak for only myself disclaimer 

This of course is to say nothing about deadnames (or pronouns) in general, best to assume a past name is a deadname unless explicitly told otherwise, and deadnames stay dead, speak of them not. (And, use the pronouns people tell you to and not random new ones, obviously!)

What that is is telling you details about my experience and desires around names/history/gender/pronouns, namely, that in my case "Oh yeah this is Ell, fka Joel" kinda stuff is totally fine.

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oh also name update 

On that note, finally got around to updating my name on here, yes I am the poster formerly known as Joel, no I don't consider it a deadname at this point, more like deprecated. Also, they/them or she/her 'nouns are great. And like, feel free to try your fave neopronouns on me too, I'm still trying those on!

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Self-affirmation that fell out in my journaling today: I don't owe the world a comprehensible gender 😄

spoilers, why they're different 

From the docs, Ctrl-C *interrupts* the current command. Looking at the mode-specific docs (v_<Esc>, i_<Esc>), Esc *ends* the current command, which means it sometimes finishes things that Ctrl-C will not.

Most notably in my case, it means that if you're doing an insert on a vertical selection, Ctrl-C will only edit the first line, whereas Esc (or Ctrl-[, which *is* the same as Esc) will edit all selected lines, as expected.

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After using for over a decade, I have just now discovered that Ctrl-C and Esc are not *quite* the same. Always learning, I guess!

Oh it looks like they do already have a check, but it is pretty simplistic (doesn't adjust for the differing perception of each channel) and thus still results in some poor contrast. Perhaps I will mail someone, I know this is the bikeshed site, but standards are the solution to bikesheds and WCAG2 says we should pick different colors 😄

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Just got totally played when loading to link it for my coworkers.

I was like "hmm, I'm not sure this is the best background color..." and then refreshed to see if it was something weird with my caching and then immediately :blobfacepalm:

Well-played, altho for accessibility I do think there should be some minimum-contrast checks 😉

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So far so good on this informal pronouns survey for anyone of any gender - about 1,500 responses. :)

It could do with more men (especially cis men) participating, and more cis women too, so RTs welcome! It closes on Tuesday.

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Update: While I was composing the first post my cat came sauntering back into the living room with a series of short yells, so maybe my tripod baby did hear and came in to make sure I wasn't making any rash toe-related decisions.

Only after ensuring all was well, I'm sure, did he divert to drinking his living room water.

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Today in things I've said out loud to no one, even my cat was in the other room and probably didn't hear me: "toes!! who likes 'em? who wants toes???"

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lmfao, OpenAI tried to make their AI less biased by shoving words like "black" on the end of people's inputs
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I wanna see how far this poll can go, vote and then boost please! 🌐

How long have you been in the fediverse?

Comment if timeframe is not listed!

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#Mapillary users, is nighttime imagery useful?

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Anyway no big deal but here's a demonstration of Mozilla's serverless. client-side-only live text translation technology.

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The ninth annual international Gender Census 2022 is now open until 13th August 2022!

It's for anyone whose gender (or lack thereof) isn't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

Most excitingly: the Red Cross and others are currently running a pilot study attempting to provide evidence that deferring based on individual risk is at least as effective as a blanket time-based rule! Currently the study is running in SF, LA, DC, Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Orlando, and South Florida.

So if you're MSM, live in one of those cities, and would otherwise be disqualified, check it out, you may be able to help move the FDA into the future:

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So @harris indirectly reminded me I've been meaning to get back into the habit of donating blood again, and I realized I didn't know if HRT affected your eligibility...turns out the Red Cross has a very nice LGBTQ+ Donors info page:

As expected they justifiedly does a lot of official grumping at the FDA, and generally do a pretty good job I think! In short:
- Being trans is not cause for deferral
- FDA says you do still gotta pick a binary gender, but as of 2020 it's explicitly expected to be self-reported
- MSM deferral is down to three months now
- FDA officially says trans men are men and trans women are women vis a vis "MSM" 😎

They also include a section for ace folks that basically says *not* having sex with people is not cause for deferral, which I found to be endearingly inclusive.

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