admittedly the people here in are a lot smarter and better at thisthan i i figured this would be the best place to ask:

in ubuntu 16.04 i am trying to copy media files over to another hdd. i've tried cp & rsync. most recently:

rsync -av /source /destination

one file showed input/output error (5)

then my computer restarted and said it had a system error.

i'm pretty sure the source hdd is bad, because it shows 1000+ bad blocks

anyway to force move? or are the files ruined.

"stay in school, stay off the hard stuff and keep it between the lines"

"well my name is M.C.A. i've got a licensed to kill. i think you know what time it is - it's time to get ill..."

So at 37 years old, my Friday nights have come to sitting at the laundromat washing dog beds/ blankets.

finishing this one cup of coffee...then going to get another cup...then get working on these shop drawings so the guy can submit for the permit monday...why is everything a 🔥 ?

why do i work for a fortune 500 company and still have to refill the water in the coffee machine by hand? 😒

Dear Plex,
Please let me watch Expedition Unknown.

Dear chromecast,
Please let Plex let me watch Expedition Unknown.

Thank you..


it was really interesting hearing the SYSK guys break down the finer intricacies of cuss words in their latest podcast.

Dear Google,
I do not know how to speak Korean or indic. Nor do I have any need to ever type in those languages. Why do you insist I download those keyboards? I was born, raised and live in NC. The fact I can use an English keyboard is a small miracle.

i think i've got one:

gaming: getting shot by a sniper on a roof top while playing capture the flag.

gameing: dying of diphtheria.

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