UKPol, 2010 me is turning in their grave. 

Offering/selling rabbit manure 

Yo, anyone know of any BIPOC/& Queer makers of nice bath products? Lush are a no-go, would be great to give $$ to someone cool!

Crime <3 

This new Edge update is probably what's gonna tip me over the edge into Linux

So I'm really missing having a Desi community around me. I haven't had one for a very long time, and it's kind of lonely. Do any Portland-based people know of queer-friendly South Asian groups locally?

It's Tuesday?

Time to slay my enemies and then eat their hearts to gain their strength.

Portland based people!

A few people are trying to build a directory of (healthy/ asymptomatic) independent professional type people who are looking for work doing in-home appointments.

It would be great to connect some of you very talented people with the people who need your skills! I'm certain a lot of people could benefit from them right now.

Drop me a message for more info, or if you'd like to be included :)


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