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i haven't played a pokemon game for longer than five minutes in almost 20 years so this is useful thanks google for once

Weโ€™re launching TONS of cargo to @Space_Station this week! Learn about the science on board @northropgrummanโ€™s #Cygnus spacecraft โ€” ranging from 3D printing & recycling to simulating the creation of celestial bodies from stardust:ย is now #FOSS! ๐ŸŽ‰ We've named the software behind it #WriteFreely.

WriteFreely lets you self-host a single federated blog or a community of blogs. It's written in Go / #golang, it's lightweight, and runs everywhere -- even on a Raspberry Pi! (We tried ๐Ÿ˜)

We just launched v0.1 this weekend, and v0.2 is already coming out early this week. You can try a full demo here:

Get started with hosting or find a permanent instance here:

Britons! Tell the UK government that the compulsory porn-viewing logs need compulsory privacy standards

why are there no Tree data-structures in 90% of all languages?

but it's in like 95% of all whiteboard tests?

"This the last class before a huge exam, but we're not going to spend _any_ time reviewing the material to make sure you understand it properly."

โ€” My Calc II Professor

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