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A video game where you FINALLY play as Tom Clancy 

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I just finished making my first real game! I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Here's the title screen / main menu


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don't gender my optical media please

Posting on Mastodon is like shouting into the void

Posting on Twitter is like shouting into the void, but the void is always mad at you for no reason

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@venko I'm upset that the mask doesn't rotate with your spherical body

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My bot has now posted about 5X more than I have. This is a cause for concern.

I was looking through my old iPhone photos, and found this screenshot

The Apple Podcasts App used to look **so cool!**

I legitimately think they should bring back reel-to-reel instead of whatever generic garbage interface the Podcasts App currently has

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No, the Ghostbusters are worse than cops; theyโ€™re private paranormal security contractors.

Spooky-police for hire

โ€œI only follow Projekt Melody on Twitch!โ€ is the modern equivalent of โ€œI only read Playboy magazine for the articles!โ€

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Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 comes on 10 DVDs ๐Ÿ˜ฑ


After more than a year of playing Smash Ultimate, I finally achieved ELITE SMASH!


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I bet if you put a traffic cone in the middle of a parking spot, but painted a neat white line around it, like a perfect square, no one would ever move it

By itself, someone in charge of the spot would realize it's an unauthorized cone, but with the square, I mean clearly *someone* knew what they were doing. It just fits there perfectly. It feels like it belongs there

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