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"what is your greatest weakness?" Show more

"what is your greatest strength?" Show more

I want to open a store where everything is priced irrationally so it's impossible to pay with exact change.

"Your total comes to $5โˆš2, which is approximately $7.0710678118654752440084436210484903928483593768847403658833986899536623923105351942519376716382078636750692311545614851246241802792536860632206074854996791570661133296375279637789997525057639103028573505477998580298513726729843100736425870932044459930477616461524215435716072541988130181399762570399484362669827316590441482031030762..."

Going to push out a new build sometime soon with all my recent changes and fixes, and include that in a build I upload to the App Store for review. The app's been in review limbo for exactly a week now, wouldn't hurt to add one more new build.

I can't believe Goden Namedclasped is dead. That did not shock me.

โ€” Solon Mozibthob, Swordsdwarf

When you fail before making it to the end of the sentence

public transportation Show more

It's been nearly two years since I painted this but this is one of my favourite pieces I've ever made, despite not being one of the more popular ones.

I've never made anything so loaded with implication.


I cried on somebody in charge. That was not satisfying.

โ€” Lรฒr Likotuker, captain of the guard


So Discord's released an update to their Terms of Service that, in short, makes it so you can't sue them or jump in on/file a class action lawsuit, you would have to go through an arbitrator. Fret not, however. There is a way out if you care. Just send a quick email stating you want to opt-out of the clause to You only have 30 days to do this, though, so be quick.
Go sue the pants off of Discord, lads. :^)

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