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A video game where you FINALLY play as Tom Clancy 

Microsoft Word

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don't gender my optical media please

⚡️ My battery has reached 69% 🔋


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You can use transparent backgrounds in avatars on Mastodon. This can look really cool, as it allows a variety of shapes by making the square background disappear.

1. Create your avatar using a transparent background with equal width and height

2. Save it as a PNG file under 2 megabytes in size

3. Go to Mastodon, click "Edit profile" and upload it, then click "Save Changes"

4. If the file is rejected for being over 2MB, try resizing it to 400x400 pixels before uploading (it will get rescaled to this anyway, so there's no need to upload a higher resolution)

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse #Avatars

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Me on my way to University when I first started taking classes


Software engineering needs to chill with the acronyms :blobtired:

How do you file a lawsuit against Michael Jordan? 

You take him to court 🏀

Which style of quotation mark do you prefer?

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Team Rocket kicking a gorilla in the balls :blobugh: 

technically not a lie

Fill in the blank:
“He was convicted in a court of _____”

Your Honor, let the record show that record show that the accused has confessed that he’s “Just wiped out Tomato Town”

Jokes about “Dropping the soap in prison” are literally about a person being raped

How the fuck is this kind of joke still acceptable

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