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OwO *notices yow ewigibiwity fow compensation fow yow mesothewioma*

Kobolds are Very Good, don't get me wrong, but please let's not forget


please buy my new early access indie game. it has a seamless open world

[screenshot: an infinite untextured plane that stretches out in all directions]


There's an Indie game called "Kobold Gardens", in which you can now apparently pet virtual Kobolds in VR! :D :DD

"Kobold Garden Update 5: Virtualbolds" [2:40]

Medical examiner found traces of muscle relaxers and vegan cheese. It's called Bitter-Sweet Sandwich. It's an artisanal drug Sandwich from Seattle.

I've found that the best way to introduce people to mastodon is to immediately suggest them a server.

Even if it's an invite only server, you can message the admins that you have someone in mind for ther server and would like an invite link to send to them.

It helps a lot. This is how you'll get friends and family on here.

From tonight's "Draw with me Friday" session. We drew some one-hour dragons based off of colors, and the first one was gray!

Join in on the fun next week over at www.twitch.tv/oabnormal

It's been a while since my last post on the subject, but here are some exciting news about #funkwhale: the #federation is actually usable now, as shown in the video below:

1. We follow another instance
2. We scan it's library
3. We import some tracks from it
4. We play those tracks from our own instance

You can't imagine how happy I am to see this actually working, after weeks working on the protocol/invisible stuff!


here, i found this image in my old shitposting folder and now you have to look at it

It greatly amuses me that the character `⪮` is officially called "U+2AAE EQUALS SIGN WITH BUMPY ABOVE"

Apparently that line with a bump in it is called a bumpy, according to the unicode consortium!