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lad, lass, ...
lax?? lasd?? laz??

yes | tail -n 1 ./please

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Apparently there's a way to go to bed, a general-purpose emoji:

okay @roll's back, now with validation™

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@roll is down while i prevent y'all from killing the server

@roll shit no i mean 6 x 4d6d1

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@roll 1d4 what do i have for dinner
1) pasta
2) sandwich
3) taco
4) pizza

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Forgot to ask this earlier when talking about birbsite but does anyone have some linkylink to a good (very good and full) instance list??

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brain specifically constructed to think about lizards

the joke is that my whole brain is a lizard brain

someone: this engages your lizard brain and makes you have a strong emotional reaction

me: rude. also wrong!! im so mad!!!!!

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is now on 1.0.0b7

- fix for regression introduced in b6 where DEFAULT section wasn't being used in configuration
- resolve design issue where the thread running @interval functions would be killed after an exception