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kɜ:ʳ :dragnpats: @chr@cybre.space

if you think you cant do a thing. its just a think! you have the you to learn how to do a thing! and then! you can do the thing!

im sorry about bieng unprofessional ion the public tl

buit gosh dang ive got to do it sometimes!!!

hi im forom. normal space. in nromal space we inclyude a css file with whats known here as a <link> tag. um. so. where the fuck

is a transpile when all of your trans freinds get together in one big cute pile, of cuteness

masto theme fork dev broyught to a screeching hault by i dont fuck understand how what is webpack

webzonestufgf: lets put our application across eigh thundred thousand config files, that wasy no one will be able to edit it hahaha!

drank too much water and now i feel, um, the othe rone

oops donmt fave my own post to agree with it

what with all thes questons im not having goten any masto work done dang

@cher are yuou playhing up the typs to appear more drunk than yhour are

thasx prepostrerous i mean i gess im not corecting them like iw ould if i were nto doing something intentionnaly lavbelleld as tipsy but i am makuign more than usual

hi @chr um hwat is the best progra,mign lagnugae

please spell better sir also it is the language you are not using please buyy my book aibut how yuo are using the wriong language

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crack open the dodgeball to get at the supple dodgemeat inside

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In honor of the company's annual Naga Week, I had myself a naga body designed. Art is by Crocophile on FA/Tumblr. Roughly based on a Blood Python scalie.business/media/UtgTRZDw

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whast a square root of pi

i dunno ask a math im just a computre boy

hye @chr why are you dragn

idk thats just the how i am

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