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████████████░ ⛙ 12/13

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i said i would do this in february

february has 29 days right

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upstream media host is returning 500s :dragnsad: media issue 

our media provider is having an outage at the moment so images may fail to download and upload for a bit. nothing we can do about it i'm afraid. status page here (we are in the AMS3 region)

kɜ:ʳ :dragnmlem: relayed

EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH will be coming out in two weeks. Be gay, kill fascists.

OCTOBER 26: Episodes 1+2
OCTOBER 27: Episode 3
OCTOBER 28: Episode 4
OCTOBER 29: Episode 5
OCTOBER 30: Episode 6

Game page:
Trailer link: matrix update 

2 updates:

1. email should be working now, so if you signed up for an account on recently and had to leave the email field blank, you should be able to add one to your account now

2. i've done several things to mitigate performance issues on the server (including disabling online/offline status aka presence) and it seems to have stabilized. i'm still keeping a close eye on it so please let me know if you experience issues with messages not sending or long delays moderation user @ io's account has been disabled. we have zero tolerance here for sexualization of underage people, which includes lolicon art. if you have a problem with that i recommend moving somewhere else. matrix update 

there's been a recurring issue with the matrix over the last few days, where the server will stop processing messages at seemingly random intervals.

i suspect it's a bug in the latest version synapse, but i need more information to know what's going on. i've just set up a metrics tracking thingy that gives me a lot more insight into what the server is doing, so i'll be able to find out more next time it happens.

tl;dr matrix issues not permanently fixed, but soon hopefully

masto admin tip 

just gonna leave this sql query here in case anyone else needs to work around the moderation interface's lack of ability to answer the question "who here follows who on that instance"

SELECT a1.username, a2.username FROM follows JOIN accounts a1 ON JOIN accounts a2 ON WHERE a1.domain=''; matrix status 

the matrix hit a bug which smells a lot like, which luckily was fixed in synapse 1.20.0 (the latest version, released yesterday). i've upgraded so hopefully things should be fixed now, there might be a delay in matrix federation while things catch up matrix maintenance update 

maintenance is complete, and the matrix server is back online. thanks for your patience!

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maintenance is ongoing; i'm migrating the database to its own server node and upgrading it to a new postgres version in the process. the matrix database is quite large so this is slow going.

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the matrix server will be going down for maintenance at 2pm PDT (in 3 minutes) for a bit, hopefully not longer than an hour instance update 

hey folks --

this doesn't affect anyone already here, but i've decided to stop doing semi-open registrations on via patreon/liberapay donations.

this was originally put in place as a way for us to keep getting funding even after wide open registrations were closed. however, we've been okay on funding for a while now and the community has grown pretty large over time.

the patreon registrations aren't a huge volume of new users but has nonetheless steadily grown over the last year or two. at this point we're about at the maximum size we're comfortable with moderating.

we will continue to allow registration by personal invite, so if you have a friend you'd like to join fedi you can still feel free to invite them here

your continued support is much appreciated. thanks, and have a wonderful day! moderation 

since viomi was unwilling to listen to the people most affected by the situation with Mint and admit that shiv was causing further harm with ver actions earlier today, ver account here has been locked. being nominally anti‐racist or having some BIPOC in support of your actions doesn’t give you a free pass to ignore the voices of the BIPOC most affected by the events at hand, and in this case those people were not being listened to.

please reach out to @LadyKIBI, @nightpool and myself if you have questions about this decision

just use tusky folks. if you're reading this and you wanted to use husky because the upstream app blocks gab / spinster, let me know and i'll swiftly escort you to our blocklist

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