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hey anyone who uses Matrix through the homeserver from the web client (, heads up that we just upgraded to the latest version of Riot where they rebranded as Element. it's the same thing as Riot, just with a different name (they wanted to be able to trademark the name to prevent use by bad actors).

so other than the name and icon (and some minor UI changes) Element is Riot. nothing else changed.

system administration question, request for advice :boost_ok: 

kɜ:ʳ :dragnmlem: relayed users: apologies for recent federation delays, it seems during times of peak activity we've outgrown the number of sidekiq workers we've been using. i've scaled them up and hopefully the instance will perform better under load, but i'll be keeping an eye on things over the next few days to be sure.

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There are few things which make me feel more tired, deep in my soul, than seeing a white woman espouse self-congratulatory rhetoric about how much she prioritizes “listening” and “personal growth”. My hope is that I will instead be able to demonstrate those things through my actions.

Still, I want to emphasize that my mentions/DMs are always open & available. I may not respond immediately, and I cannot provide therapy or crisis counselling. But if you donʼt know where else to turn, give me a go.

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/ Side B

More about me: I have a website at, a journal at, and a long history of publishing my thoughts online. I was the “backup admin” of years ago, which meant that when the server exploded, I could confirm to everyone that yes, the server exploded. Then we all waited for the actual admin to wake up :P .

Since then I have been mostly just laying low, something which is extremely easy to do on Mastodon (PROTIP: if you donʼt follow anyone, nobody follows you).

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/ Side A

You may remember me from loud rants and discourses of many a yesteryear, but Iʼm here with you today to help ensure we all get along. Meowth, thatʼs right! Iʼm your new Community Moderator here in Cybrespace!

Important info in my bio. This account will be used primarily for technical discussion and moderation work; see @jellyfish_link for my less formal thoughts. users: general reminder, please don't post screenshots of posts from users on other instances. mastodon doesn't have quote-posts for a reason.

periodic reminder that we run a matrix instance at

matrix is a modern (federated!) chat protocol with all the bells and whistles -- look for Riot in your favorite app repository / marketplace for a slick client that can connect to any matrix server

or you can use it on the web directly at

(join if you're interested in discussion and updates about this instance and our matrix server)

okay, local folks: images should be back if you refresh the page

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something's going wrong with the custom domain feature of digital ocean's CDN. it will serve images successfully if you query it directly, but not if queried via a CNAME (domain alias), which we use to point to digital ocean's endpoint

i'm going to file a ticket with digital ocean and change's server configuration to use the CDN endpoint directly instead of via cname for the time being.

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cybrespace image outage appears to be a problem with our media provider, digital ocean. more details as i investigate further.

(users on can also see this announcement in the new announcements tab: click the megaphone icon at the top of your home timeline)

Show thread is now on mastodon version 3.1.1!

release notes for 3.1 are available here:

notable new features include:
- local-only admin announcements
- bookmarks
- (cybre only) raised the character limit to 1024

if you spot any bugs, please let us know or file an issue at

there's a bunch of crows in a tree outside and they've been going absolutely nuts for about 5 straight minutes O_o

workin on the cybrespace 3.1 upgrade :toot:

:crt_w_green_lines: :dragnowo:

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this is absolutely not what i was going for but damn if it isn't kinda cool tbh

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