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"The Mother of All Demos"
1968: Douglas Engelbart explains the foundation of user interface to the world. How to make computers responsive and useful, mouse pointer, hypertext, etc.

In school I read about it often, but TIL I can just WATCH the thing!!!!!

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me: i might go to work tomorrow even tho its a holiday
me: *discovers that my workplace does not have an official holiday for tomorrow* fuck, now i dont want to go to work

DOOM (1993): tiny, fast, runs on just about anything, originally released on 2 floppy disks and shared via FTP at 1993 internet speeds

DOOM (2016): takes 1 hour to download on a 200 mbps internet connection and requires an nvidia gtx 670 or better

i'm looking for my purchase confirmation for affinity designer (which is made by a company called serif). i search for "serif". first result: an email which only contains the word "serif" as part of its rich-text CSS markup:

<style type="text/css">
body { font-family: sans-serif; }

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i don't know what thunderbird thinks "sort by relevance" means for email searches but putting a message from my spam folder as the first result indicates it's very different from my definition of "sort by relevance"

time to shower and *hopefully* get some baking done today. i'll keep an eye on my mentions in case more css issues are discovered or the instance perf drops again.

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okay just redeployed a couple tweaks on cybre -- wider columns are back, links in the reply box thingy are visible again on the dark theme, and i got rid of the notification thingy in the tab title (sorry if you liked that feature, but i can't handle the attention manipulation and there's no settings toggle for it)

already spotted a couple CSS issues, if you see any style problems on cybre after the 3.0 upgrade let me know

okay, we are on mastodon 3.0! here is an overview of the changes:

hopefully, performance will stabilize now. we will be keeping an eye on things and addressing problems as they arise. thanks for your continued support!

some of the performance problems we're seeing on could be due to the aborted 3.0 migration that we tried yesterday -- this morning we're seeing a lot of CPU usage from postgres but not a lot of disk usage. we're going to try to complete the v3.0 upgrade to rule out the possibility that the database is in an unclean state. there may be some downtime as this progresses.

thanks for being patient as we troubleshoot things!

Show thread is having service problems right now "thanks" to our hosting provider, but i want to reassure everyone here that we have no intention of taking the instance down entirely, and we have appropriate backups just in case the worst happens (which have been tested to be restorable). isn't going anywhere.


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