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i keep trying to understand what coroutines do and it keeps not sticking

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July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

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unfortunately, because it was released while i was in middle school, i am doomed to find it somewhat nostalgic

haven't heard this ke$ha piece in a while

did i just get followed by a numbers station? @ohkrll

apocalyptic thinking, crows 

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my therapist: The GNU Build System aka Autotools isn’t real. It can’t hurt you.

the GNU Build System aka Autotools:

new level: 'ride of the squigglers'. the wigglers have learned how to drive, can anyone stop them? 74R-XWB-JPF

thinking of migrating to the southern hemisphere during the summer months so that they wont be

uh'oh has a glottal stop in it but because my dialect of english doesnt register the glottal stop as a consonant, its kind of interchangeable with t, meaning you can pronounce it as "ut oh" and nobody will blink

if you move the mess, into a box, i think thats technically cleaning

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i made a prequel to 'society' - same basic concept but easier. check out 'a peaceful walk thru a warzone' at Y5X-MS3-79G

absolutely no one:

mario maker: :steven_pun: SeMiSoLiD pLaTfOrM

just playtested 'we live in a society' with my partner, who says "what the fuck". it seems my internal barometer for mario level difficulty ranges on the high side. i might try to make an easier level using the same concept...

i made a level! its about not jumping. its called 'we live in a society', check it out at CXQ-G9Y-KLG

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I just realized

If deer is buny of horse, then

Dragon is shark of birb?

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